Sunday, June 5, 2011

Catching up from a busy week

We were rudely awakened by the NOAA weather radio this morning . . . severe thunderstorms were moving into our area. The thunder was lovely to hear . . . the weather radio waking the entire house, no so much!

This past week has been a blurr . . . the busy days of summer . . . three days a week I head into the office for the day, head home to take care of household duties and then I have enjoyed fishing on the lake. I love being able to head out the back door, take a quick little walk to the lake and plink my line right into the lake. Those little bluegill and bass are fun to catch. Of course, then we toss them back into the lake for the next time.

Business has been keeping everyone hopping . . . we are having a tremendous year and are Praising God for His many blessings. We have found ourselves in need of more storage for raw materials needed for manufacturing. Again, God blessed and we were able to purchase a building with warehouse space very close to our manufacturing facility. God provided the building at a very reasonable price. We took possession of the property on Friday after we signed the documents to transfer the ownership. Everyone was excited to have storage space as we have been pretty jammed up in that area. Now to move raw materials to the new building. Randy investigated various remedies to help us move materials from one building to another . . . first thoughts were a box truck. Randy located several, but God closed the door on each one. Randy continued to research our options and found that we could purchase a new truck and trailer that would meet our needs beautifully. The box truck floors were not rated to withstand loading and unloading the products due to weight. Randy went into our local dealership and told them what we were looking for . . . they weren't sure they could locate the vehicle that would meet the weight specifications for towing. Again, the decision was left to God's direction. A day later, the phone call came . . . the vehicle was located and on its way. We picked the vehicle up Friday afternoon. The trailer will be picked up tomorrow morning. Let the moving begin. Business has been quite the adventure this year! lol

Friday was a bit stressful here at home for Mrs. S. The boys took their toll on her. They have been having minds of their own and not listening. Minds of their own + lying = a very stressful day. Please pray this week is better for Mrs. S and the boys.

Last evening I headed out to the pool to swim. I hadn't taken time to enjoy the pool yet this year. I had just entered the pool and swam once down and back and then down once again . . . . would you believe it began lightning? I couldn't believe it . . . out of the pool, close the cover and head inside. I was a bit disappointed. Oh well, I guess I will be able to swim another day.

I am looking forward to a bit of pampering this week . . . hair on Tuesday and nails on Thursday. Work in between.

Have a great week.

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