Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Calm Day, Swimming, Duggars and Beckett

Today was a down day for us . . . a very WELCOMED down day!

This morning we all took the opportunity to sleep in . . .
it was HEAVENLY!

After my first cup of coffee . . . I headed off to the hair salon for a much needed visit.
Believe me, the hair was showing my age . . . (the color that is)
My Stylist Stacie worked her magic and washed that gray right out of my hair!
Thank You Stacie . . . I feel like a person again!

I stopped by McD's to pick up a salad for me and the kids burgers, nuggies and fries.
The line was unbelievable . . . guess no one wants to cook with the heat we are experiencing!

O.k. . .  now I have a question for all you ladies . . .
Do you have a favorite brand of undies?
What do you do when your favorite brand decides to "change things up a bit?"
Case in point, I had found a certain style of undies that fit perfectly . . .
they were so comfy. As time has gone by, my undies became a bit worn out . . .
new undies were required, so I got them. Only to find the company had changed design
and now my favorite undies were history! The new design is less than desirable . . .
now, I am bummed. So . . . now I need some ideas . . . what are your favorite undies
and why? I need real help here!

Tonight we will be enjoying pool time . . .
I love having a pool and can swim anytime.
The boys love to swim, cannon ball, float and be adventurous in the pool.
I love to get in a bit of swimming . . . when I don't have a monkey attached to me.


several hours later . . .

we are in from swimming

the pool water was lovely and refreshing (after we added cool water)

Cody was very excited to get back in the pool for  more swimming.
He is becoming quite the little fish.
He still wanted Momma close . . . but ventured more by himself (life jacket on)
we went back and forth, back and forth the entire length of the pool
more times than I could count
my little fish said . . .
again and back, again and back, again and back
I was amazed at the change in him!
Of course, the swim time would not be complete without shooting hoops, playing catch and racing one another. Then someone brought out the squirt tube thing and was blasting everyone with water.
Before we knew it . . . it was after 8:00 p.m. and time to head in before the mosquitoes began to bite.

Two of the boys were goofing around tonight . . . so I snapped a few pictures.

If you are a Duggar Family fan . . . have you heard they have a new book out???

I have read their first book and listened to Tea with Michelle . . . I can't wait to read the new book.


We are THRILLED to announce that we will be picking up our NEWEST family member next Wednesday. Little Beckett is almost ready to head to Illinois!
Our little Princess has some very anxious brothers waiting to meet her . . . not to mention Katelyn, Daddy and Mommy too. Many people ask what I think Mia, Emma or Kamie will think of Beckett. Truly they have always been pretty accepting on new babies . . . even the guinea pig Bugsy. BTW Emma has stopped trying to eat him . . . FINALLY. Maybe she has figured out . . . Bugsy is NOT bacon!

Besides . . .
Who couldn't LOVE this little face?

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