Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beckett's Doggie Gotcha Day and Momma is the Tooth Fairy

The house has grown quiet once again . . . 
a time when even the house seems to let out a sigh of relief.
Four VERY little boys going all day wears out everyone ~~~
but the boys!

Tomorrow is a big day . . .
It is Beckett's Doggie GOTCHA day!
We are thrilled and cannot wait!

I just checked the weather . . .
looks like rain for the day. Nice.
Oh well, the way the weather in Illinois goes . . .
it could be raining in one block and sun shining in the next.

This morning Cody was a bit perplexed. He received a dollar for his tooth, but the tooth was still in the baggie under one of the pillows on his bed. Believe me, I searched and searched for that little baggie and tooth, but could not find it. Apparently, he hid it under a pillow at the foot of his bed. Sheesh!
Anyway, he asked me why the tooth fairy didn't take the tooth . . .
I told him I would make sure she got it.
He asked me how.
I assured him I would take care of it.
Then he wanted me to whisper to him how I would make sure the TF got his tooth.
O.k. Fine . . . Cody, MOMMY is the tooth fairy.
Mommy put the dollar under your pillow.
Mommy couldn't find the tooth in the baggie.
I am sorry.
I am also Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny!
Cody replied, "Mommy, you are NOT the Easter Bunny!"

"Mommy, WHY are YOU the tooth fairy?"

Bless his little heart!
Then my older boys told Cody . . .

Yep, Mommy is the tooth  fairy and she flies around at night getting teeth and giving money.
Oh Dear . . . Not exactly what I meant!
Randy tried to assure the boys that I was not the Tooth Fairy . . .
they told him OH YES SHE IS!

They also told him that I have wings that come out only at 
night so no one sees them.
They also told him that I fly around too.

Now, how am I gonna get them to understand???

Sheesh! Crazy kiddos!


1 comment:

TJ said...

Oh my! We put the tooth in an envelope on the fridge. And Kaia really wanted to keep her teeth last time (she lost them both within hours of each other) so the tooth fairy left them. Unfortunately, I know that she then lost the teeth. So they are hopefully in the trash or in the vacuum by now.

I love how siblings tease each other and convince one another of something crazy!

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