Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why Son?

There is one question on my mind today . . .


It is a relatively simply question . . . and quite to the point, however it can apply to so many areas of life . . . my life.


Son, why is it that you are making wrong choices?

The reasons you give are endless and generally not acceptable, so let me intervene here and give a little direction.

No, it is not acceptable to only complete a chore 1/2 way. If you choose to only do 1/2 the job, you will repeat the entire chore until it is done correctly.

No, it is not acceptable to tell your Momma a chore is done when you didn't even "try" to complete it.

No, it is NOT acceptable to lie for any reason.

You are to treat others as you wish to be treated.

The excuses . . . 
"I don't know, I didn't want to and/or because 
I WANTED to" will NOT "fly" with me.

If you choose to do wrong . . . at least man up and admit it.

Why must you fuss and fight with one or more of your brothers?

Silence when asked a question does not make the question go away. 
I do expect you to answer me.

I know you don't think things are fair, BUT . . .

Daddy and I LOVE you and want what is best for you!

We are responsible for you!

You see, you are in training and therefore need to learn right from wrong, to be trustworthy, to follow directions and proper work ethics.

Life isn't all about what you can get out of it.

You must learn that life does not revolve around you . . .
life in the real world can be tough. Things are not handed to you . . .
you have to work for them.

Taking things that don't belong to you is stealing. Not acceptable.

Disrespect is not acceptable.

Mommy and Daddy want you to be all you can be. We will always encourage and support you. You can be whatever you want in this life  . . . you simply need to be dedicated and go for it.

There are plenty of people in this world that do not own up to decisions or choices they make. There are more than enough people that think the world owes them . . .

Son, I Thank God for you . . .

I Thank God he CHOSE us to be your parents.

I Thank God for the Journey!

I Love You!

I Pray for You!

And I pray you will grow up to be the man God wants you to be!

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