Thursday, May 26, 2011



Those were the words I was told tonight, by my five year old.

Hysterical really . . . he was "showing" me how to fish!

He has quite the "moves" . . .

for a little guy!

It wasn't long after the bobbers hit the water that fish were being reeled in. 
EJ and Cody first with their lil' fish . . . caught all by themselves.

They  loved reeling the fish in, but didn't like taking the fish off so much.
Mom to the rescue!

It wasn't long before Ryan caught the first Bass . . .

and was busy casting once again.

Mia and Kamie were hanging out with us while we fished . . . Ryan took care of his own pole.

The three boys all congregated together on one end by the water run off culvert between our home and our neighbors to the right. The culvert is basically the lot line area.

Oh the concentration . . .
can I interject . . .
poor lil' fish!

Love the look on Ryan's face . . .
I wonder what the fish thought with Ryan's finger in his throat!
Ryan also had a pretty good grip.

Cody was thoroughly "into" the fishing.

EJ too

EJ was really working on putting that worm on the hook.

Got it!

another . . . "watch and learn" moment

this one was a Bass . . . EJ was thrilled!
Wiggly fish!

Would you believe my boys would not give those fish a kiss on the nose?

Sheesh . . . and they call themselves fishermen!

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