Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The days are quickly passing . . . only two half days remaining of the 2010 & 2011 school year for my boys. Katelyn has only one and a half hours left of school . . . then graduation.

I am currently in the process of preparing for Katelyn's open house.
We have decided June for the date and invitations have already gone out.
I will sit down some time this week to make a list so I don't forget anything.

My brain has been swimming in thought . . .
so many things to keep track of and plan.

I want to keep the boys busy this summer and am searching for places to go.
Fun things to do . . .
Make more memories.

Sometime in June we will be taking a day trip to pick up Beckett.
She will be five weeks old tomorrow.
I posted a video Denise took of her before this post.
She is a doll baby!

I tackled a little more "spring" cleaning today.
I guess that is what I can call it.
I decided enough was enough and our upstairs linen closet required attention.
I emptied the closet out, sorted things, set aside things to donate and then restocked the closet.
Tonight, it is a thing of beauty!
(insert giggle here)

Tomorrow Kamie, our Sheltie, has a check up.
So, after the kids are dropped off at school, Emma and Mia are dropped off at beauty and I have my coffee, we will head to the vets office.
Then, home to dig back into our upstairs to clean.
Mom, you were right . . . I didn't get finished today.
I actually got side tracked . . .
imagine that!

Well, the hour is late and I need to sleep.

G'night all

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The Whitakers said...

It is so wonderful to get things organized sometimes! Good for you! I've been wondering about the same things as far as fun things to do over the summer. Any good ideas yet? :)Have a great day today!We are counting down til the end of school also! :)~Kristi

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