Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today . . . a Weird Kind of Day . . . Even for me!

Today was a weird kind of day . . . even for me!

This morning Mia had an appointment at our wonderful Veterinarian's office, so I didn't head into the office first thing, but took things a teeny bit slower. I made my coffee before I left in a to go cup, grabbed Mia and off we went. I dialed my Mom and was enjoying a nice little chat on speaker phone, sipping my hot coffee and driving along in my SRX . . . just minding my own business. When all of a sudden I notice a police car that just turned off of a major road and onto the four lane road . . . turned his lights on. I immediately looked down at my speedometer . . . uh oh, he is going to turn around and be right behind me! Ten seconds later, I had pulled off to the side of the road and he was right behind me with his lights on. Yep . . . major uh oh!

Mr. Policeman came up beside my car . . . and asked for my license and proof of insurance. Of course, I had a hard time getting my license out of my wallet and apologized for taking so long. I handed both items to Mr. Policeman and then apologized to him . . . I was guilty . . . I had been speeding. 
Mr. Policeman smiled at me as I explained I was going to our vets office with my little Mia, talking on speaker phone with my Mom and drinking my coffee . . . I had failed to pay attention to my speed.
I then told him that he was the first to pull me over and give me a ticket  . . . 
in almost 30 years of driving . . . I had never been pulled over for speeding.
Mr. Policeman smiled and said, "I am not going to give you a ticket". 
I am quite certain I had a puzzled look on my face . . . I certainly deserved a ticket and I told him that I did.
He smiled again and said, "I am not going to ticket you . . . although I did clock you doing 64 mph. 
(the speed limit was 45 mph . . . this road heads out into the country).
Mr. Policeman then said, "this road is VERY easy to speed on . . . in fact, I was driving my pickup and wasn't paying attention and when I looked, I was going 80 mph."
This guy was VERY understanding!!!
Mr. Policeman took my information back to his car  . . . he had to log it in that he pulled me over.
Within minutes he was back . . . Mia had poked her little head around the seat of the car. Mr. Policeman noticed her and asked what her breed was . . . "Miki". We talked a few minutes and he was quite pleasant.
He wished me well, mentioned to be a bit more careful and headed back to his car.
Mia and I headed back onto the roadway . . . another minute and we arrived at the vet appointment.

I am so thankful Mr. Policeman showed me GRACE!

*** on to the next part of my day ***

I was working on a bit of paperwork at the office when the figures simply were not adding up.
I went into my husband's office and had him look at the figures  . . .
I was correct, they were wrong.
We had been billed more than $109,000.00 on an invoice when in actuality 
the total should have been $44,000.00.
Another invoice we were billed $11,000.00 more . . . another mistake.
I am certainly glad I was paying attention to the figures!!!

Quite the strange day!

Tonight . . . a bit of rest and relaxation.


Our little Beckett is 6 weeks old today. She weighs 1 lb 10 ounces.
Here is an updated picture:


and brother Nevada . . .
2 lbs 6 ounces

The puppies are sure growing.

The wind came up quickly and the sky turned green. We had torrential rains and are having severe thunderstorms. We are under a tornado watch as I write and are in the basement with the kids, dogs and guinea pig. Randy has been keeping an eye on the sky and an ear to listen to hear what the weather is doing . . . listen for sirens and train sounds. It could be a busy weather night!

We are thankful to have a finished basement to head to when the weather is bad. Years ago, we only had a crawl space that was full of nasty spiders.

Two of the boys were a bit anxious about the storm, but everyone else was calm.
Tonight may be a bit of a challenge . . . the weather may keep us hopping.

Have a great night and Be Safe!

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Mimi said...

You were very lucky! Your Guardian Angel was definitely looking out for you. There are still nice people out there, Have a blessed and safe week!

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