Monday, May 23, 2011

Silly String, Turtles, Geese and Furniture

Today was our first day of summer vacation which means Mrs S began her first day with the boys and I headed into the office. My schedule revolves around the kids during the school year, but summer time brings Mrs. S and a three day work week, in the office, for me. I was very busy with paperwork and the day flew by. Before I knew it . . . it was time to head home.

The "box" guy brought a VERY important box for us today . . . take a look:

as you can see . . . a big box of Silly String arrived. Almost a hundred cans!
The Silly String is for Memorial Day.
It will be a blast!

After dinner, Ryan and I ventured out on the Jet Ski and were able to take a few photos:

down a canal near our home

taken over my shoulder of Ryan behind me on the jet ski
do you see the turtle on the log?

six turtles ~ five on one log and one on another

at the far end of the lake were two families of geese

I loved that we were able to take the jet ski out and get so close to the geese. It is amazing how the Momma and Daddy geese keep all of those little babies all together..
After getting pictures of the geese, we turned the jet ski toward home.
the back of our home from the water

After arriving home, we busied ourselves arranging furniture on our patio.

The cotton fluff from the cottonwood trees has been blowing through the air . . .
my eyes don't like it much and are very itchy tonight.
I am heading for the eye drops.

G'night all

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