Thursday, May 5, 2011

Senior Year Festivities . . . Counting Down to the End.

The weekend is quickly approaching . . . I still have tons to do before we can enjoy the weekend. There are things that simply NEVER seem done. Laundry, tidy up, dishes, meals and this or that. Add in a daughter that is graduating from high school and the list lengthens. These past months we have been busy planning . . .

You may not believe it, but there is a lot of planning involved in graduating from High School. You know, I don't quite remember being so busy when I was graduating High School, but then again that was in . . . hmmmm . . . I don't think I really should reveal that 'ehem' info!

First, we began with finding a dress. Generally, this is a fun task for Mom and Daughter . . . however, finding a dress for the Jr/Sr Banquet (most schools call this prom) was a bit tedious to say the least. Katelyn attends a private Christian school and there are certain standards required for all dresses. We FINALLY found the dress, took care of the information needed for the customized alterations on the gown plus added a customized jacket. We were thankful to receive both items a few weeks ago. The gown has been hanging . . . waiting for the special evening.

Shoes and small clutch handbag . . . relatively easy to shop for and purchase.

Date . . . yes, she has a date for the banquet. He is a great guy . . . Katelyn and "A" are great friends. They should have a great time!

Graduation Announcement design was decided upon by the class. Easy ordering through the school . . . along with open house invitations as well. Graduation invite have been mailed. Katelyn's Open House has been planned AND invitations have been sent out as well.

Senior Pictures were taken . . . Katelyn and I went out yesterday. I took over 400 photos . . . editing took a while! I have ordered prints, a shutterfly book and canvas.

This evening Katelyn is having a mani and pedi . . . she will probably pick up a yummy Starbucks on her way home.

Tomorrow . . . of all days, the boys are home from school . . .

Katelyn will get of of school early and head to the hair salon to get her updo . . . I am excited to see her hair. Stacie, our stylist will be surprising both of us with the style. Flowers will be going in her hair.

Randy will be picking up the corsage and boutonniere before heading home from work. I ordered them on Monday along with the flowers for her hair.

Once home, I will help her with her make up . . . as per Katelyn's request. Then she will lounge until time to dress and have pictures taken.

I am so excited for her BIG night!

Pictures to come . . .


Jeanette said...

I CAN'T WAIT to see her pictures! Her senior pics are GORGEOUS! Love Love Love that girl :}

Julie said...

Jeanette . . . I know . . . I can't wait to get the camera clicking away! I will get them posted tomorrow night after the banquet.

Glad you think the pics are Gorgeous. I always worry they won't be good enough.

Marva said...

What fun! Can't wait to hear details and see pics! Have a blast Katelyn!

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