Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Rainy, Dreary Sunday

Another rainy day for us today . . . I am ready for the rain to take a vacation! 
Gloominess should only be for weekdays. 

We have been busy in the house today . . .
I updated our photo wall with current random poses.
Katelyn's photo canvas from Shutterfly arrived and is now in place.

Katelyn and Mia were on the couch . . . Katelyn was trying not to laugh at me.

This past week I also hung a few photos from Easter and the words . . . Our Family.

I also added a pewter pretty to my candle . . .

It reads:

in Christ alone

it was made by Lisa Leonard.

We have had a few birthdays in our house this month  . . .

EJ turned seven
Cameron turned eight

my boys are growing up.

I spent several hours putting together a Playmobil firehouse for EJ  and a Playmobil hospital.
Both sets come with many, many pieces.
I am pretty excited to say . . .
I won't be putting together Playmobil anytime soon!
(insert huge smile here)

Yesterday we were hoping for a beautiful day . . .
it was chilly and it rained.

Katelyn and I were busy in the kitchen . . .
most of the day.
Fresh homemade bread . . .
fresh homemade apple pie
garlic mashed potatoes
filet mignon
green beans
we even had salad . . . but forgot to put it on the table.

To top off the apple pie . . .
oreo cookie fluff ice cream from Coldstone.

Everyone ate until they were stuffed.

This morning I treated the boys to french toast made from some of the leftover homemade bread.
They were thrilled!

It would be wonderful to be outside . . .
for the boys to run and play . . .
burn off some energy.

Where did the warm temperatures go?
If you see the "warm" send it our way!

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