Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rain, BLESSED, Preparations, Summer Vacation

The skies are dark once again . . . rain is coming. I am thankful though . . . everything is plush and green . . . we could have been one of the many that have been devastated by the recent tornadoes. So many times I think "we are just not thankful enough!"

Our children do not understand how fortunate and blessed they are. We try to tell them and show them how other people, children simply have nothing . . . no home, no food, no momma or daddy to call their own. Today I read of a 14 year old boy in China . . . all he wants is a Momma and Daddy to love him. Just the thought brings tears to my eyes! I am thankful our children do not know the pain this little boy feels. I am thankful the Lord planned for the boys to be OURS.


Today we begin preparation for Memorial Day. We have planned a full day of fun and food . . . 

What kinds of fun? I knew you would be wondering . . .

swimming, fishing, jet skiing, boating, silly string, kids on the playset, running and playing in the sand

there will also be plenty of relaxing and chatting (I am looking forward to that!)


You bet! Plenty of yummy goodness . . . Hope everyone brings their appetites!

There will be cookies, cake, pies, cupcakes . . . oh yeah!

Hamburgers, Hot dogs, filet mignon . . . all fresh from the butcher

chips and dip, veggie tray, baked beans, cheese and crackers

layered salad - can't wait to see how this comes out

calico beans . . . just because they are amazing!

Cinnamon rolls too . . . from the Pioneer Woman recipe!!! Oh My Soul!

Yep, Katelyn and I are going to be in our realm . . . making yummy goodness for family and friends!

I can imagine the smell of delightfulness lofting from my kitchen already.


The kids have been out of school for one week now. They are enjoying their special time with Mrs. S!
She is such a delight for them! She is a special angel for me . . . I don't have to worry about them during the day (three days a week) or what they are up to. I know she has it covered!
Just because it is summer doesn't mean there isn't learning going on.
Not in my house . . . 
the kids are all reviewing what they learned in school this past year.
They have devotion and prayer time.
Games, playing in the sand, skateboard time.
Plenty to keep little boys busy.


Well, my second cup of coffee is just about gone . . .
I should get myself moving . . .
lots to do!

Have a great one . . .
and be SAFE!

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