Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Challenge . . . Something hard to overcome

Everyone faces challenges from time to time.

It is the way you handle a challenge that shows others who you are and what you are made of.

Challenge comes in many forms . . .
one never knows when, where or how a Challenge will come about.

We have all had "those" kind of days . . . you know, the day when nothing seems to go right?!

you over-sleep
you spill coffee down your shirt
someone ate your favorite cereal
the milk is gone
lost car keys
you run out of gas
flat tire
speeding ticket
late for work
forgotten deadline
you forget to pick up the kids
the kids are sick
the dog runs away

the possible reasons for a bad day are endless

How do we respond to the challenges of a bad day?

I have had some CHALLENGES lately . . .
and just when I was grumbling and feeling irritable I read a post on Facebook. The post requested prayer for a precious momma and her two kiddos. You see, their Daddy was on life support AND the day had come for the family to remove him from life support. They would face life without "husband and daddy". 

I guess MY challenges weren't nearly as bad as I thought!

I need to remember . . . to put things into perspective!


Jeanette said...

One of our old college students lost her husband 8 months ago today in an auto accident. She is raising two little boys by herself. I pray for her daily as I know that she needs God's help everyday to get from hour to hour. I makes me stop and count my blessings as one or more of those blessings can disappear any minute.

If you think of her would you keep her in your prayers too? Her name is Jaquie.

Love you!

Marva said...

Thanks Julie! It's been a hard week! Love you and thank you for your prayers for my dear friend! He will be buried Friday.

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