Saturday, May 7, 2011


Last night was the big night . . . Katelyn's Sr. Prom/Banquet. As you all know we have been planning for quite some time for this special evening.

The evening was very special . . . here are some pictures of the evening.

Our Princess

Our Princess was ready for the "ball" early. I was surprised it didn't take longer than it did to get all primped and ready for pictures.

Katelyn and Austin (friend)

Our Princess Katelyn chose a very nice Prince to take her to the ball.

They both share a love of having a great time, chiding one another and great facial expression.

the "snotty" look

I asked them to show me a "snotty look" for the camera. They nailed it.

Austin looked very handsome in his "Ball" attire.
Austin is every inch a gentleman!

The "corsage" . . . a spray of ivory tea roses and rose colored wax flowers, accented with a silver ribbon.

the boutonniere to match

the sword

Austin brought along a sword for the evening. 
The sword was a hit . . . my boys thought it was AWESOME!
Grandma and Grandpa pulled up about the time the sword (not sharp) was at Katelyn's throat.
Grandpa gave "the look".

Austin was imitating Grandpa.

Grandpa and Katelyn

Katelyn has always taken Grandpa's breath away!

The "Ball"

Cinderella's dress

Austin in the "carriage"

The cake

The evening was lovely . . . the food was yummy and the after Prom was filled with fun.

Some of the kids came to the house . . .

the fire pit was all ready for roasting marshmallows for s'mores

silly string for all  . . .

plenty of snacks . . . cookies, mountain dew, pizza

Everyone had a great time and ended the evening with a movie.

The sweetest part of the evening . . .

my Katelyn coming up to me and saying, 
"Mom, this evening has been INCREDIBLE, Thank you so Much!"


Marva said...

Awh! Katelyn is just stunning! Her date is quite handsome! What a wonderful night! Being a Mom is a blessing! Juju, you are a wonderful Mom!

Natalie said...

Love love love the dress! It is amazing and K has the BEST smile...And beautiful eyes, just like her mama!

jennifer said...

I enjoyed looking at your pictures. She was gorgeous. And how precious that she thanked you for her evening. I can tell you appreciate the fact that she didn't take it for granted.

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