Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our Day, Extreme Couponing

Summer vacation is now in full swing and everyone is easily adjusting.
This morning, Cameron went to work with Daddy .  . . a real treat for him.
They both were  up early and headed out . . .
Breakfast first at a local Mom/Pop restaurant . . . think little diner in Mayberry.
After breakfast, it was off to work . . .
lots to do and plenty of places to explore.

At home, we slept in, had breakfast and then headed upstairs to our youngest son's bedroom.
Time for Momma to clean.
My boys are supposed to keep up with their bedrooms . . .
but, they tend to put things where they don't belong.
I know, "Gasp!"
So, we jumped in with both feet.
Tonight Cody's room is once again nice and tidy.

When I tidy or clean the boys' rooms, I insist everything be put where it belongs.
My boys look at me like I am horrible and asking them to move mountains.
Would you believe I insist all game pieces actually be put INTO the game box they belong in?
I am just strong headed that way!
I also insist all jammie tops match bottoms, are folded and put nicely in the jammies drawer.
Underwear should be stacked top other undies on one side of the drawer and socks on the other.
All tops/shirts are to be on hangers and hung in the closet . . . 
school shirts should be separate from play/everyday shirts.
Shorts and swim trunks in one drawer and blue jeans in another.
I guess I am OCD . . .
ask my kids, they will tell you.

We didn't go outside today . . .
there is cotton fluff from the cottonwood trees flying everywhere . . .
it looks like it is snowing outside.
My eyes do not do well when the fluff is flying.
Tons and Tons of itch!


Tonight I am watching Extreme Couponing for the first time.
I have to admit, I don't coupon.
Extreme Couponing ~ the lady they featured tonight compared couponing to a "rush".
She changed her bedroom closet into storage for her stockpile of goods.
Now, I love a full pantry and freezers, however I do think some people take 
the couponing to a critical level of insanity!
Why does anyone need 20 plus bottles of lotion?
12 bottles of spicey mustard?
I would think the products would go bad before you could use them.
Now, I can understand extreme couponing for large families . . . 
we go through a ton of products with our family of seven.

$399.44 and after coupons she spent $.42c
20 cans of tomatoes
25 tubes of lipstick
99 assorted beverages

She had three loads of products
all of the purchases together . . . $625.25
she actually paid . . . $2.87
she saved more than 99%
Problem . . . where is she going to put it?
These extreme couponers liken their purchases to "part of the family".

On to the next Extreme Coupon Family . . .
one word . . . addiction!
6,000 products that consume over half of her basement.
O.k. I can see a stockpile of toilet paper,
BUT not pasta or foods ~~~ there are expiration dates for a reason.

Now, the above being said . . .
I believe couponing is wonderful for families trying to be frugal.
Couponing is a lot of hard work and I applaud people that find the time to coupon.
One lady spends over thirty hours a week couponing. Whew!

Another family Extreme Couponed and actually purchase hundreds of items free.
Once they had a load, they donated it . . .
over $21,000.00 worth of products.

Extreme Couponing seems a bit unbelievable . . .
the television show seems a bit u unbelievable too!
Where do people find the time, energy and all of those coupons???


Lindsay said...

I watched that show too! Those Extreme Couponers consider couponing their full-time job. That's how they find the time for it. Instead of going to the office, they put in 6-8 hours per day of looking online, printing, watching for sales, researching, clipping coupons, etc. I would never devote that much time to it, and I don't want to be the crazy lady who annoys every grocery checker in my path and stockpiles a bunch of stuff in my basement. In fact, I'd say that these people may have some of the same characteristics of a hoarder, except that they are clean and precise, not dirty and messy. (Side note: Have you seen THAT show? Yikes!) However, I'd definitely like to incorporate coupons into my life. I'd be quite pleased if I could use coupons to save even $30-50/month on groceries. Every little bit helps the budget!

Mimi said...

I do believe that some of these extreme couponers are mentally ill. It's crazy to hoard that much merchandise and be obsessed with coupons. I do use coupons, but only for what we need and will use.They are a great way to save money and I am thankful for the savings. I did see one show where a couponer was donating hauls to charity, which would make sense.

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