Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday in our neck of the woods

The temps in my neck of the woods today can be described in ONE word . . . PERFECT!

There was a lovely breeze and cloud cover most of the day, but the temps were close to 80.

I worked from home today. I had a pile of paperwork and completed while the laundry was running.

I let Cody stay home today . . . we had an ultra busy weekend and he was wiped out. I let him sleep in . . . he was a bit confused that he didn't get awakened for school this morning, but was happy when I explained.

Katelyn came home early from school . . . I received a call from the school secretary. Apparently, Katelyn didn't feel well and could hardly keep her eyes open during class. I had her come home.
Apparently, she took Advil PM this morning . . . it wiped her out.
I am just thankful she isn't sick . . . however, I did warn her to be more careful.

I decided to take a little rest this afternoon . . . it wasn't long, but it was wonderful.

This evening, Katelyn and I took the jet skis out for a bit . . . Mia went along. I tucked her inside my life jacket . . . I needed to run the jet ski a little hard because it was running a bit rough . . . 
guess it didn't care much for winter. After playing on the lake a while, Katelyn and I headed back to the house. The jet ski was running better, but not tip top. I docked it and then told Randy that he should probably take a look at it. So, with tow strap in hand (for just in case) he was off. After a brief bit of running rough, I guess he blew the cobwebs out of it because he said it was running better. He wonders if the fuel got a little water/moisture in it.

After our ride, Katelyn decided to take a swim in the pool. That was until . . .
Mr. Hairy Black Spider decided to take a swim with her.
It didn't take her long to exit the pool.
I even removed the spider from the water.


Then Mr. Hairy Black Spider tried to run off.
He had a very quick death . . .
Ryan smashed him.
He is now no longer a threat to swimmers in our pool.
RIP Mr. Hairy Black Spider
P.s. (you really shouldn't have jumped into our pool)

So, instead of swimming, Katelyn grabbed her laptop and joined me poolside.
We were comfy and relaxed.
It was wonderful.


jennifer said...

Gosh it does sound like you had a wonderful day! I take Tylenol PM and it wipes me out too. Poor Katelyn!

I hope tomorrow is a lovely day too Julie.

Jeanette said...

Wish I could have joined Kate! I would have saved her from the yucky spider :}

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