Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day part 1

Memorial Day was a BLAST! Our day was filled with family and friends ~~~ the best way to celebrate the day! I am so thankful for my family and dear friends too!

Our morning began as each one of the boys' feet touched the floor. They don't seem to ever sleep in when they have a day off of school, let alone summer vacation! The school mornings are so much different! lol

We put the calico beans in the crockpot and let them cook for the morning. The layered salad was quickly put together and into the fridge. Time to get ready . . . shower, makeup and hair (this statement is important for later).

Around 11:00 a.m. family and friends began arriving! Party time!

Randy already started up the Green Egg and other Grill . . . he was a HUGE help and great chef with the giant hot dogs, hamburgers and steak. Everyone ate  . . . yummy delicious fabulous foods. Katelyn's cookies and pies were a huge hit! The Key Lime cake was also a hit!!! Cinnamon rolls . . . yummy deliciousness too!

After eating the outside festivities began . . .

Swimming . . .

Little kid fish were everywhere! lol

It was too windy for the great big umbrellas, but Aunt Janeie made due!

Grandma was keeping up with the leaves that were blowing into the pool.

and some of the others were waiting their turn for jet ski rides

the jet skiers were coming in to switch off

more pictures and story to come tomorrow!

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