Friday, May 20, 2011


Today, May 20, 2011 is a very SPECIAL day!


Our daughter, Katelyn Elisabeth is graduating high school!

Katelyn . . . I am speechless at how time quickly has passed.

Wasn't it just yesterday you were born? It remains so fresh in my mind!

Wasn't it just yesterday . . . 

you said your first words

you took your first steps

you and Great Grandma Fischer were chasing one another around the tree in the front yard? I can still see you in your pig tails and yellow bumble bee sun-dress!

you were a flower girl in Uncle Jim's wedding when you were two
again in Aunt Janeie's wedding when you were three

you fractured your arm on the McDonald's playland sliding board . . . you were four.

you graduated from Hobby Horse Preschool . . . the first graduation of many.

I just know it was "yesterday" that I teared up on your second day of kindergarten . . . I was prepared for the first day and didn't shed a tear, but that second day . . . kind of snuck up on me!

Where have all of those growing up years gone?

piano lessons, field trips, school projects, lunch packing, lunch sales, school carnivals, progress reports, report cards and summer vacations

I remember so clearly taking you into school one morning . . . you insisted we take your newborn brother into school for "show and tell"! We did . . . you were such a proud big sister!

You tried sports . . . girls basketball and volleyball at school. Even though sports never came easy for you . . . you gave it a try! I still find it hysterical that you managed to get bopped in the head a few times with the ball. Also thankful you didn't get injured!

Before we knew it . . . you had your driver's permit.
White knuckles and fear became quite normal for me!
Remember the magnets for the sides and back of the car????

"Rookie Driver in Training"

They really worked well . . . other cars tried to stay away . . . far away! (insert giggle here)

Before I knew it . . . time to get your Driver's License!

You did a great job and got your license the first time.

You came out from getting your license grinning ear to ear!

Your SENIOR year was quickly upon us . . . I was breathing easy . . . we had a FULL school year before graduation . . . lots to do in the middle!

Christmas came and went . . . then it began . . .

Planning for the Prom (aka jr/sr banquet)

We searched and searched and finally found your gown, shoes and handbag.

You had your mani and pedi  . . .

your hair was done . . . 46 bobby pins in that hair . . . yes, we counted!

You were absolutely gorgeous . . .

Our Princess . . . ready for the "Ball"!

The beginning of the "end" was in sight . . . Mama was beginning to feel it!

Her baby girl is grown up . . .

As I write, tears are beginning to well in my eyes!

This morning you stood before the school and audience receiving awards and certificates for your accomplishments this past year. You looked beautiful and giggled when I Woo Hoo'd for you.

and now you are getting ready for tonight . . . we leave in an hour.


Tonight you embark on a new journey . . .

We begin to walk a new road . . .

my baby girl is grown . . .

college begins in the Fall . . .

one thing NEVER changes . . .

Katelyn Elisabeth . . .



(pictures to come)

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