Monday, May 16, 2011

FIRST, LASTS and a Walk!!!

Today begins some "lasts" in our home.

The last week of the 2010-2011 school year.

The last week Katelyn will ever be in high school.

The last week of  my girl being a non adult . . . she officially qualified as an adult in February when she turned 18, however graduating from high school seals the deal. I am not exactly sure how I feel about this yet . . . give me time I will let you know.

The last week I need to worry about dresses/skirts the right length or
her tops ~~~  not revealing . . .
dress codes . . .

The first time she technically doesn't have to clear where she is going by the "required" parental signature that would be required at school.

The last week one of our children will be in Preschool.

The last week we will have any of our children home in the afternoon  . . . unless they are sick or there is no school.

of course, having "lasts" also means we will have "firsts" too . . .

The first time one of our children has reached adulthood.

The first time for:

High School Graduation

College Orientation

College Prep


The first time my boys will all be in grade school at once.

I am quite certain it will be the first time several teachers take medication for anxiety at the same time! lol

The first time all of my boys will be gone at school all day . . .
beginning the fall school season.

The first time in a VERY long time I will be alone during the day.

Katelyn will endure many firsts  . . .
and I am quite certain she will accomplish them with 
a flair all her own. You can count on that!


This afternoon I lay down to get a little nap . . .
the boys were all asked to lay down.
Three out of four actually took a nap.

Me . . . I lay down, closed my eyes and then:

the telephone rang,

followed by

 the door bell

and then the boys woke up.

So, I nixed the nap, put on some socks and my walking shoes. I called for the boys to do the same. We put all of the leashes on the dogs, put water bottles in a backpack and headed out to the park for a walk.
We have a nice little walking park . . .
we took the mile walk.
The boys enjoyed themselves and rough housed along the way.
They walked a little, ran a little and laughed here and there.

The dogs started out gung ho . . .
but quickly decided this walk was a bit more than they anticipated.
They gave it their all . . .
we let them have a little break here and there for water.

Pictures of our walk:
(excuse the finger print on the lens . . . 
compliments of one of my boys)

It was a beautiful day for a walk!

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