Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Day in Our Life ~ May 10, 2011

The temps jumped up into the 90's here today.
Whew . . . turn on the air conditioning!!!

This morning I had a much needed hair appointment. The gray seems to keep my stylist on her toes!
Thanks Stacie for the great job!!! Love the color!

The boys all received their summer hair cuts . . . I think they each lost about five lbs of hair! lol

Our Memorial Day invitations FINALLY arrived today. I am excited to invite some 
friends and family to join us for the day. I need to begin getting the menu together . . . 
yummy and easy . . . the name of the day.

I am also thinking . . . swimming, jet skis, boating, kids in the sand, water balloons, silly string, s'mores and simply hanging out and enjoying the day. Should be fun!

This evening we enjoyed watching the kids swim in the pool. Goggles and snorkels.
Coldstone Jelly Bellys and Skittles.
Good times.

After swimming, Randy took the boys in for bath time and I watched Walter the Pool Guy clean the pool.
Now before rumors get started, Walter the Pool Guy is a mechanical pool cleaner that crawls around the bottom and sides of our pool scrubbing as it goes. I watched Walter work and waited for him to get most of the pool cleaned before I pulled him out of the pool and closed it up for the night. 

School is coming to an end for this year . . . not sure I am ready for THAT yet.

Katelyn's Senior pictures book arrived in today's mail from Shutterfly.
It is beautiful!

Wow . . . the temperature is still 87 degrees outside! It is 9:00 p.m.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit cooler . . . we shall see.

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Marva said...

Wish I lived closer! The Memorial Day you have planned sounds wonderful!

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