Thursday, May 19, 2011


I was chosen . . . some days I just cannot wrap my mind around those three words.

"I/We was/were chosen"

You see, life comes at us from all directions and more times than not . . .

life doesn't "happen" according to childhood dreams.

My Mom has told me this story many times . . .

When I was little and asked . . . Julie, What do YOU want to be when you grow up? My answer was . . .
"A maid for Mommy"!

I know I was pretty little when I was asked that question and probably had no idea what all a "maid" was, but I am pretty certain my lil' heart was in the right place of wanting to take care of my Momma.

Some of my earliest recollection of "what I wanted to be when I grew up" involved being a Momma myself. I always planned on having a big family and being a Momma . . .
however, I feel the need to let you in on a little secret here . . .
being a "boy" momma wasn't in my plans!
Boys freaked me out and I couldn't imagine being a "boy" momma.
I was one of three daughters and one son.

When I was 17, I began dating the love of my life and I was married at 18 years and 3 months.
We wanted children right away, but God had other plans. 
You see, it was
TEN YEARS & four months later or first baby was born . . .
I delivered our beautiful baby girl six weeks early and she was 100% healthy.

I was thrilled to be a Momma . . . Finally!
Katelyn was pure joy in a 6 lb 10 ounce package!
She continues to be joy to me . . . and so much more . . . 18 years later!

In between Katelyn's years of birth to 18 the urge to add to our family became strong once again. 
We were praying there wouldn't be a 10 year wait again . . .
We did everything in our power to become parents again naturally . . .
however, God's design for our family was in a bit of a different direction.


Adoption kind of freaked us out . . . but we went with it.
Probably more of a fear of the "unknown" more than anything.
Through many years of waiting, 


Ryan Matthew became our son BEFORE he was born. We were chosen by a very special Birthmom right before Mother's Day 2002. Our Ryan was born FOUR months later and immediately placed in our arms . . . it was LOVE at FIRST sight. Our hearts were overwhelmed!

Did we have to wait 10 long years??? 

Nope . . . but there was a wait . . . Katelyn was six years old when we decided it was time to grow our family  and 9 1/2 when Ryan was born. The wait . . . three years.

Our hopes for a large family were quickly diminishing . . . 10 years of waiting for child #1 and another three for child # 2 . . . at this rate we would be old and in our rocking chairs before our large family could be attained. What in the world was God planning? Didn't He want us to have a large family?
Didn't he want us to have the desires of our hearts?

Don't get me wrong . . . we LOVED our two children  . . . we TREASURED them and were THANKFUL for them! However, our dreams for our family . . . lots of children.

We were living life . . . raising up our two children and not actively pursuing additions to our family when God decided it was time! Isn't that so like God . . . to mix things up a bit!?!
Two years and 6 months later, Two little boys fell out of Heaven into our home.
Cameron and EJ . . . 
Cameron was almost two and EJ almost one.

In the course of a few days . . . with no warning . . . God doubled the size of our family.
Two children to FOUR children.
ONE daughter and THREE sons.
Now remember . . . I had been freaked at the thought of sons.

and WHO says God doesn't have HUMOR? lol

Three sons under the age of THREE . . .

OVERWHELMED was certainly an understatement!

There were days my house smelled like a barn! Three little guys in diapers . . . enough said!

Our little guys  .  .  .  two little boys that NEEDED us!

God CHOSE us . . . especially for them!


God CHOSE them . . . especially for US!

To say people took a double take when we walked by is an understatement!

But, God wasn't finished with addition yet!

A little over ONE year later . . .

a new little bundle joined our home at four days old.

Cody became our youngest of ONE daughter and FOUR sons! 

again, I must interject . . .


Me . . . never thinking I would have BOYS when I was dreaming about motherhood . . .



100% BOY Mom!

We, Randy and I were CHOSEN!



Some people don't understand the differences between being a Girl Mom or a Boy Mom . . .

so let me enlighten you . . . 

As a boy mom you will learn:

 quickly cover "things" when changing diapers

you "teach" them to climb stairs and not simply put up a gate . . . seriously, they will go OVER the gate!

NOT to jump every time your Son(s) do! Boys are reckless . . . 

boys have bottomless pits instead of stomachs

boys never do something the way a girl would do it

boys are generally NOT quiet . . . they don't know the meaning of the word

boys are not good at following multiple directions . . . one at a time please

boys like to jump, roll, kick, smash, pound and torture each other and call it wrestling

boys do not like lovie girl movies

boys prefer to be disagreeable

boys don't walk anywhere . . . they run (unless they are doing chores)

boys thrive on making noises that resemble bodily functions

boys challenge one another . . . always

boys do not "clean" their rooms . . . they just move it around

unlike popular belief . . . boys CAN be sassy

boys do not appreciate the need for schooling

shoes are never untied or un-velcro'd . . . 
nope, just put the toe of one shoe against the back of another and pull the foot out!

boys tend to try and stare you down when you are lecturing directing them

boys interrupt . . . a lot

boys pee on and around the toilet
(they also tend to have pee fights if not monitored)

boys can be a challenge

boys generally think things through in more of a tunnel vision way
(unlike girls that think things through in more of a all around way)

boys sometimes smell . . . weird

boys like rocks, dirt and bugs
(but sometimes night crawlers creep them out)

boys love to snuggle with their momma

boys . . .

God's Gift
God's Humor


Yep, I am a BOY Mom and although boys don't come with instructions, can annoy me beyond belief and I will never understand them . . .

I am THANKFUL to God above for CHOOSING ME!!!

(ps .  .  . I LOVE my Katelyn too . . . just in case you wondered!)

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