Sunday, May 22, 2011

Anticipating Storms, Busy Days, Mrs S

Tonight storms have been fierce in Missouri . . .
from what I have rad on Facebook, there was devastation due to a tornado.
Please pray for those affected by storms.

We are under a severe storm watch until 4:00 a.m.
Our NOAA weather radio will probably be a little busy tonight.

We had a busy day in our home today. School was only half days last week and that added to the busyness of the week . . . we got behind on things around the house. Today . . . catch up time.

Laundry was tackled by Katelyn.
Bathrooms and the laundry room were cleaned by Cameron and I.
The kitchen was wiped down.
The vacuum was run on the main floor.
Potted plants were watered.
Paperwork done and desk tidied.

Naps .  .  . much needed and wonderful.

The kids swam in the pool and played in the sand.
Randy swam with the boys.

Tonight I made new chore lists . . .
the chore lists will help keep things tidy around the house and the kids a little more busy for the day.
They will also be busy reviewing what they learned this past school year.
We are blessed to have Mrs. S come again this summer. She will keep my little men busy three days a week. She is amazing and wonderful . . .  the boys will be a bit structured during the day . . .

Mrs. S always . . .
plays games
has devotions with them
prayer time
learning time
play time

Everyone NEEDS a Mrs. S!!!

What will I be doing?

Going into the office . . . three days a week . . . all day.

Katelyn is also going into the office . . . each day . . . Monday through Friday.

Welcome to the working world Katelyn!

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