Monday, April 4, 2011

Was It REALLY Monday?

Today was the first day back to school after Spring Break and back into the office for me . . . the kids were excited for school and I . . .
hmmm not sure if I was excited or just numb from lack of sleep.
Last night I stayed up a bit late . . . (it was really very early this morning before I headed to bed). I was waiting the Thunderstorm that we were supposed to have because I didn't want to miss it!
I love falling asleep to the sounds of a thunderstorm.
(weird, I know!)

Anyway, I stayed up until after midnight and when I did get into bed, our weather warning alert system sounded. We own a NOAA alert system and it generally keeps us abreast of any dangerous weather.
We are thankful for it on those nights when dangerous weather is on the horizon . . . however, last night (early this a.m.) that was not the case. I trudged back out of bed and into the hall to shut off the weather alarm. I checked in on each of the boys and headed back to bed. Then . . . I lay there and I lay there and I lay there ~
I do not know what time I actually fell asleep . . . but I will say,
Morning came WAY too early!

We all loaded up and we headed off to school. Mia went along too.
First we stopped at Aunt Ding Ding's to install a printer to her laptop.
A few minutes after installing and giving Ding Ding a few instructions on how to make it print, she was off and running!
Aunt Ding Ding is a very quick learner!
She was even taking care of her emails with little Mia on her lap!
Before long, we (Mia and I) were on our way in to the office and my first cup of coffee for the day.
A few rather strange hours at the office and it was time to head out and pick Cody up from Preschool and head home.
A quick lunch (spinach salad for me and chef boyardee for Cody) and a lovely little chat. 
Followed by a quick game of Play doh Toy Race . . .
(I lost)
Around 1 p.m. we snuggled up in the family room to chill out and watch Astro Boy. Needless to say, I was wiped out and fell asleep for about 20 minutes or so.
Cody continued to snuggle and watch his movie . . .
he has always been good about snuggling while watching movies.

The kids arrived home right on schedule and just in time to get in about half of our second movie.

Dinner was quick and easy

Homework was finished

A treat was in order!

Katelyn, Ryan, Cameron, Mia and I headed to ColdStone Creamery.
We were a little disappointed Gabrielle and Abigail weren't working tonight . . . and Aunt Jeanette doesn't work nights.
However, the staff was very helpful and before we knew it . . .
we were back in the car and headed home with . . .
Oreo Cookie Stuff
Cake Batter
Mint Chocolate Chip
ice cream

We dropped off a bit of yummy goodness to Melissa, Josh and the girls on our way home. We all went in for a few minutes, including Mia. It was wonderful to see everyone and meet Melissa and Josh's friends . . . they were lovely. Mia met Sully the kitty . . . I think Mia was actually humiliated when Sully the kitty began rubbing his head on Mia's back and behind while purring.
It was really funny!
We didn't stay long  . . .  the ice cream would have been melted if we had. Once home, the boys swarmed us! To say they were excited . . .
The verdict . . .
The Oreo filling . . . the best EVER!~

Now four little boys with tummies overstuffed with ice cream are in bed. Katelyn and I are snuggled under blankets watching Castle.
Randy is snuggled upstairs in bed . . .

It has been a GREAT day!

Which leads me to ask . . .


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Kymberlee said...

Thank you very much for your comment on my blog -- regarding 21 Days of Prayer! I understand being thrown for a loop!

I had a great Monday as well....I'm not so sure it was actually Monday either! ;)

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