Friday, April 15, 2011

Tonight and Beckett Photo

It has been a stormy night in my area of the world. Thunder, lightning, small hail, wind and Tornado sirens. We quickly grabbed the weather radio and the Ipad . . . to get a listen and look at the weather.
I am so thankful for our technical helpers!
(Great weather apps for Ipad.)
Our home did not experience Tornadoes or Severe weather.
I have not heard if anyone around our area had any weather damage from the storms around us.

We have a new picture of little Beckett . . . 
She is SO Beautiful!
We can't wait to snuggle and hold her.

Denise (the breeder) said her coloring is Brindle.
Beckett and her litter-mate "Nevada" are doing well . . . 
as is Inky their Momma.

We have also decided on a middle name. Mom and I were talking the other day and she thought we should continue on with the "B" for her middle name. We were searching and searching for the "perfect" middle name and then Denise mentioned her coloring.
Brindle . . . therefore her name is:

Beckett Bryn

Brindle seemed too long and I really like the Y . . . 
Katelyn's name also has the Y.

Mom, you can still call her Beckett B if you want. lol

Today little Beckett had her dew claws removed. She is doing well.

and now completely off the topic . . .

There are only 36 days left of school prior to summer break . . .
where has this school year gone?
Not sure I am ready for the kids to be out of school for summer.

and more randomness

This evening we watched the movie "Letters To God" . . .
beautiful movie and yes, there were tears.
True movie.

A Must See!

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