Monday, April 11, 2011


I am always on the lookout for inspiration that helps encourage my children and their relationships, attitudes, more sensitivity toward others . . . etc.

Today I was ready Ann Voskamp's Blog: A Holy Experience

Ann had the PERFECT idea!!!

Go ahead, click on the link above to read what Ann wrote and then don't forget to click on back to lil' ole' me!

So this afternoon, Cody and I headed to the dreaded WalMart . . .
Sheesh, the things you see there!!!
but that is another story for another time!

We picked up a few things to make up a little "Thankfulness" center for our home. It turned out really cute!

Our Thankfulness Center has colored pencils, a Thank You notebook (green), post its, and each of the boys have a 
1,000 Gifts notebook.

We began our quest right after school . . .

The boys each wrote their own . . . including Cody our just turned five year old. They did a Great Job.

Here are a few of their "Thankfuls":

I am thankful for Katelyn driving us after school.


Jesus Christ

the sun

Mommy, Daddy

I then had them write their FAVORITE thing they were thankful for and they put them on our kitchen chalkboard.

I look forward to the kids focusing on Thankfulness each afternoon after school.

We are also teaching the kids to "serve others" . . .

Yourself LAST

The temperature was nice and I thought . . . 

What a great time for the boys to "serve" a neighbor!

So, outside they went . . .

time to help clean up . . .

Doggy & Goose Poop

Now, before you freak out . . . they all put baggies on their hand and had a garbage bag.

Take a look:

During the "poop" hunt, the neighbor was outside and happened to see what they boys were doing. He had a puzzled look on his face. I quickly explained they boys were trying to "serve" others. They also earn points on their chore/reward chart for serving others.

I walked with them throughout the yards . . . it was almost as if they were on a treasure hunt . . . 
The boys and I came around the corner of the neighbors house and all of a sudden the sky was raining down 3 Musketeer bars!
The boys stopped and it took them a few seconds to realize what was happening. Our neighbor was "showering" them with special treats as a way to Thank them for their hard work.

This Momma was Proud of her hard working boys that were learning how to give of themselves. Our neighbor Blessed my boys greatly with his "shower of blessings".

I am quite certain my boys will remember this afternoon 
for a long, long time!


The Biggs Family said...

That is such a great thing you are having the boys do. Their wife will one day thank you for your great job in raising them. How you do it with 5 kids amazes me.

The Biggs Family said...

This is so great that you are teaching your kids this. Their wife will one day thank your for the way you have raised them. You amaze me how you do it all with 5 kids.

Mimi said...

That is a great way to help others!
Guess what I'm doing at 11pm.

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