Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today the Box Man arrived with several boxes . . .
the boys were thrilled . . .

FOUR skateboards!

One by one the boys began coming outside with their newest treasure!

There was only one rule . . .
chores had to be done FIRST.

Three of the four were quick to get their homework and chores done quickly. Helmets, knee and elbow pads were put on and off they went. Of course, I wasn't far behind with my camera.

The boys were quick to learn . . .

skateboarding can hurt a bit . . .

never try an incline the first time out, especially if standing

sitting is probably the best way to begin learning to "ride" a skateboard

it is best to crash into the grass instead of on the concrete

I am certain there are many more "important" skateboarding rules my   boys will learn before they "master" the art of the skateboard!

Photos of skateboarding firsts:

Let the adventure begin . . .

I LOVE their facial expressions!

The dogs all watched the show with me.

There were plenty of good runs . . .
as long as they sat on the skateboard.
There were also plenty of wipe~outs.
I am thankful they had a great time and no injuries.

Baths are done now
and we are all watching the newly released
Peter Pan movie.

Everyone is silent with eyes wide.

This past week we have watched a few new movies that have captured their attention . . .

Yogi Bear, Tangled, Peter Pan

Well, the  evening is ticking away and it is almost bedtime for the kids. As hard as they played, they should really sleep well.
I know I will!

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