Sunday, April 17, 2011


Tonight we all gathered together to watch:

Narnia, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
The kids love the Narnia series . . . as do I.

This afternoon was full of fun as Randy took the boys out for a little baseball practice. Catching and hitting. 

I love the action shots . . . the ball in the air . . . 
the kids watching to see where it will fall.

EJ fielded the ball as Ryan and Cody watched.
Daddy was very patient while teaching the boys to watch the ball.

They all did well, I especially loved watching them all try to catch the ball at the same time and the faces they made while trying to catch the ball.

Practice, Practice, Practice

There it is . . . GET IT!

EJ has a GREAT pitching arm!

Check out that throwing stance EJ is demonstrating!

and the catching position


Love the concentration!

 Catch it Ryan!

This one is MINE! 
(Cody is making sure Ryan doesn't get in his way)

Catching position

Run guys . . . run!

a blurry action shot


After the catching and batting, the boys ran around and wrestled one another for quite some time.

I headed down to the patio by the lake and began cleaning up. I began by starting a fire. Of course, about that time . . . my little boys joined me requesting we roast hot dogs.

We got the fire burning strong before we began 
the hot dog roasting  . . .
Daddy brought out the roasting forks and had the honor of burning roasting those Ball Park Franks. He did pretty well on most of them, however there were several really  dark ones. 
Grandpa would have loved them!

We burned the remainder of the wood that had been on the patio all winter. We also pulled the winter greenery which has been brown for quite some time out of our container/pots and burned it as well.
It certainly burns quickly!

After all of the leaves and wood was burning well, the boys went back to chasing one another when once again ended in wrestling one another. Cameron actually had Ryan down and did a knee jump right into Ryan's chest/stomach. Ryan didn't care for that much and decided enough was enough. The boys can pretty much handle their own with one another and I am quite certain they will learn to respect one another and will become great friends. EJ and Cameron wrestle each other too . . . many times the three youngest go after Ryan. Randy and I are always on stand bye to make sure all is fair and no one gets too rough. Once in a while one or two has to sit out a while, but for the most part . . . 
they have a great time and let off a lot of energy.

While we were all outside, Katelyn was inside baking cookies. She had run to the store prior to her baking session, so she was in her own little world while we were outside. As darkness began to fall, we herded the boys inside . . . it didn't take long once we headed toward the house before we smelled the yummy goodness that Katelyn  was baking. The dogs were even excited!

I gave Randy the night off of bath duty  . . . filled up the tub and soaked three little boys in a bubble bath. They enjoyed the head massage . . . Mommy has great nails for scrubbing those sweaty little boy heads. Once bathed, they each were slathered in lotion, their toe nails were trimmed, scalp was conditioned with leave in conditioner and ears were cleaned. My boys smelled GOOD!

As I close this post, it is approaching 9:00 p.m . Katelyn and I are watching Food Challenge Sugar Sculptures. The boys have headed to bed, Randy is relaxing upstairs and the dogs are resting. 

Tonight, I am tired. My eyes are irritated from the smoke from the fire . . . but, I feel great about our weekend. We accomplished a great deal on our chore list and had a great time of fun.

How was your weekend?

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