Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Mornings

The sun is trying its hardest to come out today . . .
but the clouds seem to be giving it a run for its money.
Maybe some day we will see a full day of sun.

My day has been full to overflowing as there is always something to keep me busy. My day began as almost every other morning . . .
get the boys out of bed for school. Trying to drag those lil' o' raggedy bodies out from under cozy covers can be a challenge . . . except on the weekends when I WANT them to sleep in. They were FINALLY all out of bed, dressed, had their hair and teeth brushed and ready for breakfast. 

Breakfast can be a challenge in itself with four little boys. One has either eaten the last of someone else's favorite breakfast food (of course it is always done on purpose according to my boys), someone tries to help another and that brother gets upset because "I can do it myself" or
we have completely run out of something and that is the ONLY food they want and I haven't restocked the pantry. 

Shame on ME for not planning better so we didn't run out! lol

It isn't long after that I rush them out the door. Of course, most mornings Mia, or Mi-Ki MUST go along. Some mornings Kamie the Shelti and Emma the Lhasa want to join in the fun and tag along too.

If you are at my house or in my car mornings before school, 
this is what you might hear . . .

Get your shoes on Boys
grab your lunch
got your bag?
make sure your homework is IN your bag
put your jacket on
put your book bags in the back of the car
get in your seat and get your seat belt on
STOP . . . you don't need to poke or touch your brother
Who is kicking the back of my seat?
Wow . . . what is the temperature? Watch the thingy (on the dash it tells the temperature outside).

M-O-M . . . M-O-M . . . M-O-M
(insert name here) was BREATHING on ME . . .
and his breath STINKS

(insert name here) Stop breathing on your brother, he doesn't like it.

Did you know Israel is a country?
Israel is DEFINITELY a country.
M-O-M . . . is Israel a country?

STOP . . . I'm tellin'

M- - - O - - - M
(insert name here) said a bad word
(insert name here)
What word did he say?
(insert name here) stop saying that word it isn't nice
(insert grumble, grumble, grumble)
Son . . . I don't want to hear about it . . . you shouldn't say that word . . .
it isn't nice. (insert a grumbly o.k. here)

Before we know it (whew) . . . THANKFULLY . . . we are at school.

G'bye Boys have a nice day . . . love ya . . . be obedient . . .
don't talk when you aren't supposed to, mind your manners,
eat your lunch, be a good friend, use listening ears

Good bye . . . see ya after school.
Love you too!

(Dear Lord . . . I pray for the teachers and staff at the school today. They need as many prayers as they can get! Amen)

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