Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This morning the house is empty . . . except for me.
The house is calm but there are little reminders everywhere of my family. There are crayon marks on the table, pjs on the floor that didn't make it to the laundry hamper, cups from breakfast drinks, darts from the nerf dart guns on the breakfast bar, dirty dishes on the counter from breakfast, miscellaneous items on the kitchen counters and little boy toys here and there.

My family . . .

God given . . .

a family for which I prayed many years.

MY family . . .

we are not perfect ~~~ not even close
but we are FAMILY.

My husband Randy . . . his mind NEVER takes a break. He is ALWAYS thinking about one thing or another. He loves providing for our family and takes it quite seriously. He likes to wrestle with the boys and that they always think THEY are going to win the challenge.

Our Beautiful Daughter Katelyn . . . in her final weeks of her Senior Year of school. Her dress came in yesterday for the Jr./Sr. Banquet (her school's version of Prom). She was VERY excited and had to try it on right away. The dress fit beautifully and the shoes with four in heels . . . made her smile even larger! I can already feel the tears coming on in this Momma's eyes . . . my baby girl has grown into a beautiful young woman! (Do you feel it too Mom/Grandma?)
Wasn't it just yesterday that she was playing dress up?

Our Oldest Son Ryan . . . I have always called him "our gamblin' man" as he always takes things as far as he can. He is "into" rocks, crystals and gems as he call it. He even has a collection. Ryan has always been our "outside the box" thinker and has never been one to simply go with whatever everyone else is doing. Ryan is eight and it hurts my heart that someone at school made fun of him because he still calls me Mommy. Shouldn't all eight year olds still address their Mom as Mommy and it be O.k.?

Eight months younger, Cameron is our third child and will be eight in May. Cameron loves to interact with people . . . I don't think there is anyone he would consider a stranger. Cameron loves to color and read books. I can't remember a time when he didn't love coloring. Paper airplanes are his "thing" now . . . anyone entering our home needs to be on the look out for low flying planes! Cameron also loves to help Randy or I in whatever we are doing and even sings with a happy heart while doing chores . . . which makes me smile.

Twelve months younger is Evan James ~~~ EJ for short. He will be celebrating his seventh birthday in May as well. EJ is our sensitive child and wears his emotions quite close to the surface. He is learning not to cry or become upset when things don't go his way.
EJ seems to have a natural talent for sports . . . although he is pint sized, he can wrestle, hit a baseball or skateboard the best of all of our children.  EJ also has the best penmanship of all of our boys . . . something he is quite proud of! 

Cody just turned FIVE and is the baby of our family. He truly fits the description of "the baby in the family gets by with anything" . . . . 
at least a lot of the time. Cody likes to be a part of EVERYTHING going on . . . regardless what it is. When we are home alone, just Cody and I, he plays quietly by himself . . . however, the minute the other kids get home . . . just the opposite occurs and pandemonium breaks loose. He also reminds us . . . "I CAN Do   . . . (whatever it is) Because I am FIVE you know!

My family should come with a warning label . . .

WARNING: This family is loud, adventurous and sometimes may be unpredictable. This family consists of 
Mom, Dad, one daughter and four sons . . . 
plus three dogs, three goldfish, two frogs and one guinea pig.

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