Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter Sunday 2011 is almost a memory now . . . a beautiful one!

Resurrection Sunday began very calmly in our home. The boys awakened one by one and gradually made their way to the main floor for breakfast. Randy decided Easter breakfast should consist of Grilled Cheese (yes, you read it correctly!!!) and the boys welcomed it with open mouths! They absolutely love grilled cheese.

After breakfast . . . and of course coffee, we made our way into the family room. We tuned in the Easter Services from one of our local churches and joined right into singing and worship. Boy did they sing a LOT! After worshiping in song, the Pastor went straight into the message . . . everyone sat still (except for our youngest) and enjoyed the service. Our youngest is five and thought it was o.k. to fiddle around. He is learning . . . 
not appropriate, even for home church.

We all took a little extra time in getting ready for our day. Everyone was matching . . . except for Daddy. The boys wore matching striped shirts and blue jeans, Katelyn wore a teal and brown dress with leggings and I wore a brown top with blue jeans. The boys' hair was combed all spiffy and Cody's was spiked in the front. Of course, we girls like to take a bit longer to poof & tease our hair a bit and the make up has to be just right. 

I took pictures of the kids next . . . the dogs even got in on the photo shoot. Things haven't changed much . . . it is still very hard to get everyone to look at the camera all at once. Add in one child with sensitive eyes, three dogs and four goofy little boys  . . . well, you probably can guess to get one good photo I took roughly forty.
Here is one from this morning...

A Few of the . . . I just want ONE GOOD ONE GUYS!!! 
PLEASE Cooperate . . .

Missing Ryan and Emma our Lhasa

Weird poses . . . although Kamie the Sheltie looks good.

 One of those hysterically funny moments . . . 
everyone but Mom "got it".

Soon round ONE of pictures were done and everyone was ready to head off to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

We arrived a Grandma and Grandpa's house in good time. Everyone was excited for the festivities of the day. 
Each of us brought food . . . favorites were chosen and requested.
We had some VERY good food!!!
The kids all enjoyed lunch and dessert . . .
The adults enjoyed lunch also . . . plus there were plenty of treats - pumpkin fluff, cookies, cake bars, junior mints . . . 

Soon it was time for the kids to enjoy an Easter Egg hunt.

First the boys . . .

Grandma always makes sure to put together a GRAND Easter Egg Hunt for all of the kids. They Love It!

So do the bigger kids . . .



There was silly string everywhere . . . in fact, 
the boys were picking it up.


Even Grandpa got in on the silly string - look at his head!

and then Aunt Jeanette pitched to the kids for awhile.

Did I mention there was plenty of yummy food???

Finger lickin' Good!

I hope your Easter was as Adventurous as Ours . . .

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Marva said...

What wonderful photos! Looks like a glorious day! Happy Easter!

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