Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today has SERIOUSLY been a L-O-N-G day!

My hairstylist was not feeling well today, so I stayed home and worked on laundry all day. As I write, I still have two loads of white clothes awaiting their turn in the washer. 

Yes . . . I had THAT much laundry.

Frankly . . . I should be fired from laundry duty!

Laundry needed done this past weekend . . .

BUT . . .

the weather was SO beautiful,

I stayed outside ALL weekend and simply
IGNORED the laundry.

I know . . .

I should be FIRED!


However, my "household of bosses" simply do not choose to "fire" me.

As I think about it, I wonder WHY they don't choose to fire me, but leave me to simply do laundry whenever I "get" to it.

Here is a list of reasons I think they choose to retain me . . .

  • I am the ONLY one that sorts ALL of the laundry (throwing all laundry together into the washer is NOT an option)
  • When I do the laundry . . . I wash it, dry it, fold it or put it on a hanger, sort each pile by owner, match all pajamas tops to bottoms AND iron when needed. (I know, I have come up with some great concepts for laundry, haven't I??? lol)
  • Laundry is pre-treated as needed
  • When clothing/towels or other gets all raggedy .  .  . it is thrown away, but only Mom has an eye for that kind of thing
  • It simply could be that SIGNATURE Smell that I hear about!

It could be that my family KNOWS I love them more than breath itself and I don't mind washing their dirty, stinky, nasty, stained and just plain gross clothing!

Only a Momma's love . . .

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