Saturday, April 2, 2011

J. O. Y.

Our Saturday morning has been slow, laid back and enjoyable.
I am sitting comfortably on our couch with a diet coke and my laptop.
I have been watching and listening to my two youngest boys playing.
What I have been hearing is precious!
For quite some time, we have been teaching the boys . . .
J. O. Y.

Yourself LAST

This morning our youngest two, ages 5 and 6 have taken that quite literally. They are playing board games . . .
"Jesus" is FIRST
then the two boys are alternating who is second and who is last.
Cody has been moving the piece for "Jesus"!
I had to smile and enjoy this very sweet moment.
I think my little guy have Jesus smiling as well!

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heartsfulloflove said...

Your 6 y/o was cute yesterday. He wanted to hold her and play with her and then he had her "flying". She wasn't going to go hungry...I had to tell him that she might spit up if she had her bottle all of the time. it was funny...every time she was awake or they were playing he was wanting to feed her the bottle.
I asked him if he remembered when "C" was a baby and he said not really. I told him that he used to come to work when he was a baby and several of the cousins/brothers have too. He seemed to think that was pretty neat.
He also told me like a minute by minute account of your day on Thursday. He had lots of fun!
Just thought I would share!

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