Monday, April 18, 2011

It Has Been a Monday

Monday Morning . . .
does anyone dread them as much as I do?
They are a mixed bag for me . . .
wiped out from the weekend,
too much to accomplish,
usually a go into the office day,
a catch up on those little things day.
Of course, the kids begin a new week of school . . .
which will be coming to a screeching halt in less than six weeks.
I am not sure I am ready for them to be out of school for the summer . . . but then again, it could be nice.

This morning I woke with a horrendous headache . . .
I think it was from all of the smoke from the burning we did this weekend. We got rid of a lot of container debris from the winter decorating . . . woosh . . . it went up quickly when it hit the fire.
I think all in all . . . I had a sinus headache.
Although the headache was bad, the thought of having half of the container clean up done was worth it. I felt as if we had really made progress on spring time!

Cody was home today with a very raspy voice. I kept him home to rest his voice and body. Hopefully, he will be much better by morning. He did well at home today.

This morning I had gone downstairs for coffee and to see the kids off to school. I then returned upstairs to make my bed and tidy up. I was quite irritated when I walked into our eight year old's room. Much of the work I had done on Saturday . . . was undone.
GRRRRRR . . . 
At first I told myself, "I am NOT cleaning THAT up again!"
However . . . I found myself in his room pulling all of the freshly washed clothing from under his bed, tidying his clothing, hanging his shirts and folding his shorts and jeans. I even tidied his pj's drawer. I made the bed, tidied his toys, dust mopped and then damp mopped his floor . . . again.

I am sure many of you are wondering . . .
why didn't you make him take care of it?
Well, I am tired of fussing with him . . . at least for today.

Besides, he is busy . . . 
cleaning bathrooms!

You see, I figure his room must be too hard to keep up.
So, I decided he can scrub the bathrooms instead. I am not so sure he is going to agree that cleaning bathrooms is a BETTER chore.
He just may get the message . . . at least I hope so!

Today was Progress report day. The kids did pretty well, however I now know what they will be working on for the summer.
I was pretty sure I knew what they would be working on . . .
now I am certain.
I have ordered curriculum for the grade they are in now . . . 
they will review what they had learned this past year.

Well, Randy is home and I need to finish up and get down to the main floor. There is still much to be done before 
we can relax tonight.

Have a great night.


TJ said...

I firmly believe scrubbing toilets is the perfect job for boys! Teaches them to aim better.

Marva said...

Hugs Juju!

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