Sunday, April 3, 2011


This afternoon I have been sitting outside on our deck. The weather is beautiful . . . although (this is where the Dorothy part comes in) the winds are VERY strong and the need to make sure everything is BOLTED down is strong!

Well, that and I just want to say . . .

There's No Place Like Home, There's No Place Like Home, There's ...
o.k. I know  . . . you get the picture! \his weekend has been busy, but fruitful. The laundry is almost done ~ well, as almost done as laundry can be. The main floor was tidied, vacuumed and dust mopped. Dishwashers loaded and unloaded.
The kids beds are all made. Chores have been completed.
We cleaned out FOUR little boy sock drawers . . .
Sheesh, them boys had a lot of socks!
Plus we were sorting them while out on the deck, so we had socks trying to blow away quite a few times.

Now as I write, the kids are enjoying themselves outside.
They are climbing, running, chasing one another and having a great time. I love to hear their laughter. Although I am not sure the neighbors enjoy hearing them and their loud talk/yelling.

The dogs are enjoying the weather as well. They are laying here between Katelyn, Randy and I while we are all on our laptops. I am sure we are quite a sight!

For those of you with children . . .

there is a really nice Chore and Reward software that is FREE!
I know!!!! You are excited too, aren't you?

The software download is HERE.

I sat down this morning and downloaded it for my boys. It didn't take very long to set up . . . and I set up the chore and reward software for all four of my boys. The software can be set up for whatever you want in regards to chores, rewards and even giving. The software is accessed online . . . I know . . . it freaks you out to let your kiddos access the internet . . . me too, BUT I have the solution.
It is called Bsecure. I set it up today on our main computer and set those wonderful parental controls. This software even has an easy set up method to simply set parental controls by age of each child or as a group. I set mine as a group - for all of my boys. I gave it a test run and  the system would not allow me to go anywhere on the internet except for the chore and reward software application. It worked beautifully!!!

I want to give credit here to The Maxwell Family . . . I found the chore software and the Bsecure software through their internet site.
To access the Maxwell's Internet site, click HERE.

Well, I need to check on my laundry, put together dinner, read Day 3 of 21 Days of Prayers for Sons and then pray for my boys, get lunches ready for tomorrow and make sure things are done throughout the house. Then, Cody is begging me to play the Play Doh game . . . however, I am passing that off to Daddy tonight! 
I am SURE he will love it.
(I know, I am NAUGHTY! insert smile here)

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