Thursday, April 7, 2011


The rain is falling gently . . . it is a beautiful sound.
Don't you love the sound of spring?

Today was a bit unusual for a Thursday.
The kids were only in school for half of the day.
Everyone was home by noon.
Randy and I had planned to go shopping today, so
he arrived home right before the kids.
We chose two of the boys to go with us and the other two
stayed home to watch a movie with Katelyn and take naps.

Randy had been looking at a "BIG GREEN EGG".
No . . . it doesn't have anything to do with Dr. Suess!

The Big Green Egg is:

a grill, smoker, oven and more.
So, we headed out to an outdoor patio and fire place store.
We had a great time!
The owner was very pleasant and friendly.
Mia even enjoyed herself . . . yes we took her with us (even inside).
BEAUTIFUL items galore!
I am quite certain we will head back there for a bit more shopping.

We arrived home just as the  boys woke from their naps.
The remainder of the day was calm and restful.

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