Saturday, April 2, 2011

Great Saturday . . . Plenty of Photos . . . Beware!

The house is quieting down once again as one by one my family goes to bed. I am tired too and will be heading to bed after this post.
Too much fun today not to share . . .



(Disclaimer . . . if you continue reading past this point I am not responsible for giggles, ooooooooooos and ahhhhhhhhhs, 
oh dears, etc.)

BTW . . . I have posted a TON of pictures!

First, the other day I mentioned that we practiced a little fire drill with the kids . . . after Ryan's popcorn chicken cooked long enough to look like molten lava. Here are a few pics of the end result of the fire drill:

As you can see, the kids and dogs made it "out" safely.

The dogs weren't  very excited about the whole fire drill thing, 
but the boys loved it.
Kamie decided enough was enough . . . 

This afternoon was absolutely gorgeous outside! 
This view is from our main floor deck.

Nerf Guns for the boys.

Writing out Proverbs Verses . . . four of them.

a very tired Kamie

Who . . . What . . . Me???

this picture was taken through the deck railing . . .  
Seems to be a pow wow!
(Do they say that anymore?)

You looking at ME?

Those boys . . . crack me up!


The boys were seeing who could shoot their foam thingies the farthest.

 Emma Girl

Our artist is at it again!

EJ is checking his "bullets".

My Sweetie Pie Honey Bunch.

He is even wearing his camo shorts!

Having a great time!

Shooting Backwards and Over the Head!

then . . .

inside we went,
the kids had their baths
game time began.

Tonight, we tried out a new game . . .

Play doh Toy Time Race

I have to say, it was quite fun!
Especially because I got to be the pretty pink pony princess! 

First, make a mold of your character.
laughter is optional

There is a present box for your little play doh guys to go into.

Or . . . a recycle bin that your little play doh guy goes into after it has be squished, splatted . . . Recycled.

This is my pretty pink pony . . . well, at least one of them! 
The boys squished mine A LOT!

Yellow is a little car. (but could be pink, green or blue as well)

I know this doesn't quite look like Mr. Potato Head . . .
but it is. Poor thing!

and a trash can

the boys had a blast . . .
spinning, moving their man . . .
getting splatted, remolding their man . . .

Uh Oh . . . Mr. Potato Head is becoming smashed potatoes!

GREAT fun and plenty of laughter!

 More smashing . . . love the look on his face as he "recycles" 
the garbage can.

Oh Dear . . . his little guy was smooshed . . . again!
The agony of defeat!

The defeat was pretty short lived and the game went on!

This game ranked MUCH higher than Candyland with
my boys . . . I guess I will admit it . . .
I enjoyed the game too!
It was really fun, exciting and it really wasn't messy!
(now remember, my messy and your messy may be ENTIRELY different . . . 'cause, I am a mom to FOUR little boys!)


Cindy said...

Such a FUN day!! I see you live near the water :) I LOVE the water!! Oh how I would love to live near the beach again - I miss it so much!!! But there's NO water in AZ :)

Mimi said...

Very cute pictures!

Marva said...

What fun!!!!

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