Monday, April 25, 2011

A Dreary Monday

A gloomy, rainy Monday.
That was our weather today.

Katelyn was home today . . . headache.

We stayed in and worked on:
tidy up
kitchen cabinets were wiped down
you know, the never ending stuff.

This evening we continue with laundry . . .
the maid took the weekend off! lol

As I write, I am supervising my second grade son's homework. Would you believe he tried to get me to actually give him the answers??? LOL . . .Like that is going to happen!!!
I already DID second grade!
So he is working on each of the papers he was assigned.
The eraser is getting smaller and smaller.

The other boys are done with their school work for the evening and are on to enjoying themselves for a while before bath time.

Today I also began work on my Easter Shutterfly book . . .
It is going to be a BIG one!
I took OVER 900 photos on Easter.
There will be a lot of editing!!!

I received a FB video tag today . . .
Little Beckett has opened her eyes!!!
Her brother Nevada has not yet opened his.
You should hear the little squeaks Beckett makes!

Katelyn just brought me a coffee . . .
so, I suppose I should close for now.

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