Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Change in Our Easter Basket Tradition

Pilgrim's Progress . . .

this year I decided Easter at our house would not involve Easter baskets . . . we still have plenty of chocolate in the house, but we aren't focusing on bunnies, baskets or chocolate.

Each and every year, I have loaded baskets full of fake grass, chocolate and little trinkets. I also shopped for a special gift for each of my children hoping to find just the right thing.

Easter morning would arrive and the kids would run to the main floor and look through their basket. Fake grass would fly all over and be dispersed throughout the house. Within minutes the kids are fussing because we won't let them eat chocolate BEFORE breakfast.

This year . . . a change.
Instead of the basket of candy, trinkets and a toy or two we chose to invest in Pilgrim's Progress. An allegory ~ the greatest ever written.
Published over three hundred years ago.
Pilgrim's Progress was written by John Bunyan while he was in a Bedford, England jail. The book begins with the story of why John Bunyan was imprisoned a historical background and what is called the author's apology. Chapter 2 begins the allegory . . . 

Christian & Evangelist
Obstinate & Pliable
Slough of Despond & Help
Mr. Worldly Wiseman
Sinai & Evangelist
House of the Interpreter, Picture on the Wall, Valiant Man
Man in Iron Cage, Man with a Dream
Formalist & Hypocrisy
Timorous & Mistrust
Porter & Discretion
Piety, Prudence, Charity
Peace in the Palace
Battle with Apollyon
Evil Report, Valley of the Shadow of Death
Faithful Adam & Moses
Discontent & Shame
Talkative, Christian & Faithful
Faithful & Talkative
Evangelist Reunion
Vanity Fair, Hubbub in the Fair, In the Cage
Trial of the Faithful, Defense & Death
Hopeful & By-Ends, By-Ends' Friends
Money-Love VS Christian
Hill Lucre & Demas
By-Path Meadow, Giant Despair, Doubting Castle
Castle-Yard Bones, Escape from Castle
Mountains & Shepherds
Ignorance, Turn-Away & Little Faith
Christian & Hopeful, Great Grace
Flatterer & Shining One. Atheist
Enchanted Grounds, Hopeful's Testimony
Argument with Ignorance, Of Ignorance
Temporary, Beulah Land
River of Death, Shining Ones
Celestial City, Conclusion

Needless to say, we will have a lot of discussion and researching during this 486 page Devotional/Curriculum. The kids were really into tonight's lesson and DVD that followed of John Tyndale's life.
It thrilled Randy and I that they all listened and could ask questions when I asked them. 

Just in case you want to get a copy of your own, please go to Answers In Genesis . . .

Blessing to you and yours . . .
Happy Easter!

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