Sunday, April 17, 2011


The sun has made it appearance once again after days of rain and gloominess. Hello sun . . . welcome back!

Since we were all stuck inside yesterday, everyone was busy with various chores throughout the house. 
Ryan and I tackled his bedroom . . . once again.
I didn't get his room spring cleaned . . . until yesterday.
There was a dust bunny reunion going on on there behind and under his furniture. I broke it up, time to move on bunnies!
After four hours (yes, FOUR) his room was once again up to Mom's standards and not in a state of which I close the door 
and sigh heavily.

Laundry is the name of the game for today. Hopefully, all will be finished up before late afternoon and we can enjoy our afternoon and evening outside.

Katelyn is spring cleaning her bedroom . . . 
We may never see her again! lol

We continue to work with our boys . . .
teaching them the value of honesty . . .
the value of integrity . . . 
the value of a job well done.
I don't think our "parenting" will every be done in this area.
This road is very long.

I am currently listening to the audio book . . .

Raising Real Men
by Hal and Melanie Young

A Practical Guide to Equipping the Hearts and Minds of Boys Without Breaking or Losing Your Own.

The Young Family has SIX boys . . . and I ONLY have FOUR!
They certainly must have a lot of knowledge on the subject of boys.

The Introductory chapter immediately describes boys . . .

destructive, noisy, unconcerned with personal hygiene, combative, aggressive, arrogant, obsessed with power - whether powerful machines, powerful weapons, or personal power they can exert over people and things. The love to build things but have perverse delight in tearing them down. bullying, schemes of entrapment, ratting out siblings are also part of a boy and his life

We as Momma's of sons quickly learn . . . we MUST let our boys take challenges in order to build confidence in our little "men". If you are like me, you will remember from early on that your little guy caused more than one gasp the second he became a bit independent.

God made little boys energetic so one day he could go out and conquer the world!

Little boys may be hard to control (by Mom and Dad) because the young men don't know hot to control it themselves, yet. Boys need training teaching and discipleship! 

 I am also taking part in . . .

21 Days of Prayer for Sons

What are we praying???


Obedience, Submission to Authority

Aiming for: Integrity

Men Set Apart: Avoiding Foolishness, Pride, Purity, 
Having a A Servant's Heart, Honor 

The Fruit of the Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control.

For their hearts to soften: anger, Salvation, a heart change,

The Power of Forgiveness: Honesty, Humility

Overcoming the Fears

God Blessed us with our sons. He chose us to be the parents our sons need . . . before the world was formed.

Parenting our Boys has its challenges and there are times we are overwhelmed. I praise God for my parents . . . Godly parents that have words of wisdom . . . just the thing we need at just the right time.

Now I must close . . . Randy and the boys are outside for a game of baseball . . . pictures to come.

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