Saturday, April 9, 2011

Beautiful Day in My Little Corner of the World

Today as I write, this is my view:

I am loving this warm weather.
The temperature is a balmy 80 degrees with a slight breeze.

I came out here to sit this morning while the boys played and had to turn on our patio heater as it was only in the 50s.

After the boys argued and argued . . . o.k. played and played, we had lunch and then it was time to get to work.
The boys and I worked on sweeping and washing the patio . . .
we finally got that done and the boys enjoyed some skateboarding.
I had a little trouble keeping those knee and elbow pads on them, but a quick "no pads, no skateboarding" and they saw it my way. (insert large smile here!)

After the patio was washed and everything was in place it was time to start dinner. Compliments of my hubby!!! Thank you Sweetie!!!
Of course, he couldn't wait to use the "Green Egg" 
and play with fire!

Here is our Green Egg (who thought up THAT name?)
Please ignore Kamie's hiney.

We enjoyed a lovely dinner and them more of this:

A view looking down onto our patio with the 
boys playing in the yard. 

I also enjoyed twenty minutes of exercise on this bad boy:

This is a type of recumbent bicycle that will help Randy's leg therapy and for getting and staying fit. I was really surprised when I tried it out . . . I used muscles I don't usually use with my regular stationary bicycle. This evening I rode just shy of three miles and it felt great!!!

My little guy was a little hot and tired.

Randy had gone for a swim and then decided to get into the whirlpool . . . the boys thought they needed a bit of relaxation too! (they weren't in the hot tub for very long.)

Mia curled up on Katelyn's life jacket. She took out one of the jet skis for the first time alone since she turned 18.

Ryan was walking by when I took this picture - he is grubby!!!

This hawk was circling above our heads . . . We think he was thinking about a yummy snack he saw on the ground. Take a look:
He was either thinking of a guinea pig or Mi-Ki dog dinner.

The sun was beginning to set . . . 

The boys were still full of energy.

Seems as if they never stop running.

or tackling one another

or jumping

or twirling around in the chairs

or running around half nakie with  their undies hanging out!

 Bugsy the guinea pig loves his outside time . . . 
just hanging out and eating the grass.

and Kamie takes it all in from her perch on the main floor deck.

Everyone but me is now inside.
Baths are done ~ grubby boys are now sweet smelling.
The breeze is blowing and the geese are honking.
Darkness has fallen.
I am thoroughly enjoying my quiet spot . . .
it has been a
Beautiful Day in My Little Corner of the World.

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Marva said...

Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing! Looks like a great, fun filled day with noone lacking energy! LOL!

It was 90* here yesterday!

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