Friday, April 1, 2011

21 Days of Prayer For Sons

Today, April 1 begins the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons.

I am so excited to begin this 21 day journey along with approximately 125 other Moms and a few Dads.
There are a lot of  "Parenting" books out there . . . believe me, I have acquired many. However, none have come close to addressing specific challenges of being a "Boy Mom". 

21 Days of Prayer for Sons  by Author Brooke Mcglothlin is a must read!!! The very first PLUS . . . it is an ebook and can be downloaded very simply . . . go to

The introduction to Brooke's book caught me immediately . . .
She thinks like I do!
For several years now (eight and a half to be exact) I have said the same thing . . . 

God has a sense of humor!

Brooke mentions that same statement in the Introduction!!!

Sign of a true BOY Mom!

I have always thought my boys were a bit OUT THERE.
Out there in naughty town!
Well, after simply reading the introduction . . .
my boys are actually NORMAL!!!
Who woulda thunk it?


A book on HOW to PRAY Specifically for MY Sons!

Chapter 1 addresses Obedience. Wow . . . immediately we dive right in! Obedience is something we teach DAILY about in our home. There are many days I feel as if we are fighting a losing battle with my four boys ages: 8, 7, 6 and 5.

Brooke hits the nail on the head . . .
"But until the King of Kings and Lord of Lords turns his heart of stone to a heart of flesh, your son's actions will be motivated by what is pleasing to him rather than 
by what is pleasing to the Lord.

My home is filled with little boys. They are loud, mischievous, cantankerous, funny, inventive and naughty. When asked "why" they have done something they KNOW they shouldn't the answer is usually, "cause I wanted to!" Believe me, that is NOT an answer this momma wants to hear. 

If you have son, nephews, grandsons or great grandsons . . .
won't you join me in 21 Days of Prayer for Our Sons?

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