Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Whirlwind of a Week

Whew, am I glad this week is FINALLY coming to an end.
Our week was full to overflowing with this and that . . .
and from my lack of posts . . .
not much in the way of spare time to write or answer emails.
I hope to catch up on both today.

Generally, I don't pay much attention to the news because it is so
DEPRESSING! However a bit of news was brought to my attention by a fellow blogger this week.

Apparently, there is a little eight year old boy in Edgewater, Florida that is being harassed and being picketed because parents in the school district do not want this child in their school due to his food allergies. Please click HERE to read the post. To say I am stunned is an understatement!!! Why or maybe I should say HOW can people be so cruel??? To be so HATEFUL! I am quite certain this family did not choose for their child to have a life threatening food allergy! The protesting people . . . they have a choice. They COULD be understanding and not think of the "inconvenience" they will endure if the child goes to THEIR school. 
I have to say . . . this makes my blood boil! 
The actual article click HERE.

As many of you know, our four year old has life threatening Peanut/Tree nut allergies. It was really hard to send him to Preschool KNOWING he could POSSIBLY be exposed to Peanut/tree nuts was EXTREMELY hard. Praise be to God . . . Our  school, Preschool teacher is ON TOP of the situation and took steps to ensure the safety of our little guy. To say we were relieved is an understatement! The parents of the Preschool Students have been more than careful with snacks and we couldn't be more thankful! I was told that parents were reporting their Preschoolers check and recheck foods their parents are trying to send for snack time . . . to make sure they are "SAFE." Bless their little hearts!

Well, I need to close this post for now . . .
Ryan needs me to help him with Origami projects.
Have a great day!

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