Monday, March 28, 2011


Today . . . Monday, March 28, 2011

Can you believe the month of March is almost history???

Whew . . . I think we all need to stop and take a breather!

Today was the first day the kids were out of school for Easter break. Most people call it spring break and I guess this year it is simply spring break. Usually the kids get a bit of a long vacation for Easter, but this year Easter isn't almost until the end of April. Crazy how those things work out, isn't it?

We started our day out low key. I asked the kids to tidy up their rooms and then they could play and we could go outside. However, I gave up all hope after several reminders and simply didn't allow them the opportunity to go outside to play. (This of course didn't bother me since the temps were only in the 40's.) 

Aunt Ding Ding (her nickname . . . real name Aunt Darlene) came down with Uncle Sam and took her first lesson on a laptop computer. She has a new one and is learning how to use it. I am so excited for her to enter the cyber world! She is doing quite well and learned a few things like adding contacts, writing emails and replying. Tonight I made up a notebook with instructions for her in case she needs them, which I doubt she will. We live within three minutes of their home, so if she has any questions, we can help her out quickly.

The doorbell rang this afternoon and a package came.

Can you guess for who?
Jeanette . . . the gift arrived today that you sent for Cody!!!
From the looks of his grubby Spaghetti O's face . . . 
can you tell he was EXCITED!

I have to tell you . . . 

the box gave that boy a run for his money!

he pulled and he tugged

and REALLY worked Hard
we offered to help him . . .
we were told . . .
I can do it Myself . . .
I am FIVE you know!

Well then . . . I guess you are BIG now.
Go ahead and we will watch.

He didn't let that box get the best of him!!!

Cody was SO excited and almost did himself a little HAPPY dance!

He even took a look around to see if his brothers were
"checking his present out"!

the absolute CRAZY boy face!

missing two teeth, dirty from lunch shirt . . .
but a very happy FIVE year old!

I sure do LOVE him!

Then . . .


BUGS have invaded our house.

Now, as a boy Mom I should be pretty accustomed to strange, weird and sometimes freaky stuff. But, I have to tell you . . .
being in the kitchen and having one of these little dudes come scurrying out from under the dishwasher . . .
totally makes you need to change your pants!
(no I didn't need to, BUT it did scare the bajeebies out of me!)

In the picture below is a little racetrack.

A racetrack for bugs . . .
No, I am not kidding!
These little bugs are mechanical and vibrate to move . . .
and yes, they move quick!

The racetrack is not needed to make the bug work . . .
Nope, only a flip of the switch and that little bug will run anywhere!
Then, without warning . . .
there it is running across your toes or on the floor in front of you.

My boys think it is hysterical.

Daddy did too . . .

Until . . .

He needed to change his pants!

1 comment:

Jeanette said...

So glad he finally got his gift! You know I paid extra for them to wrap and tape it REALLY well :}

Those bugs would have to go at our house. No, Echo would probably have eaten them by now. You wanna borrow him??

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