Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today and Remembering

Tonight . . . I am exhausted. I even took a nap today.
I went into work after dropping the boys off at school. I am happy to say I was able to accomplish all of my paperwork and a few extras.
I picked Cody up from preschool, he was bouncy and full of excitement. We loaded into the car and headed home.
Lunch and a little tidy up first
Randy and I headed upstairs for a nap.
Cody stayed busy in our room with Nintendo and a few television of his favorite television shows.
I fell asleep . . . I felt a bit off today . . . nothing in the form of illness, just a normal woman "thing". 

Little Mia is sporting a new hair do . . . 
she looks adorable!
I hope to take a few pictures in the next day or two 
and will post the pics then.

The boys have been "into" building paper airplanes. They love flying them and it seems there is ALWAYS an airplane or two flying through the room. I have only been hit in the face once and after a quick "Mom look" the flight pattern was quickly redirected.

Yesterday another little bumpkin joined our very large extended family. My cousin delivered a precious baby boy. My Grandma F (maternal grandma) would be thrilled if she were still living. Great Grandma definitely has many, many Great Grand babies. I would post the numbers . . . but I have lost count . . . at least in the Great Grandchild department.

Children: 14 . . . 12 living and 2 in Heaven
I estimate:
Grandchildren: 25 or 26 (I think)
Great Grandchildren: 56 (as many as I could remember)

My Grandma was a little thing . . . little meaning quite short. It was always a milestone when the grandchildren were growing up to finally be as tall as and then pass up Grandma in height.
I remember standing next to Grandma and teasing her about being "shortie". I can still hear her laugh and her little sayings. My Grandma passed away in late August of 1995 . . . 

I can still see and hear her in my mind.


Grandma LOVED Burger King Whoppers . . . 
she always dripped the sauce on her shirt.

Grandma had a green thumb and had plants everywhere.
She loved Lilac Bushes and the smell of Lilac reminds me of her.

Grandma would say things like:

I can't have nothin'!

Don't give that baby an ole' dry bun.

You will know . . . when the time is right. 
(about taking away the bottle from my 12 month old at the time)

Grandma didn't get her driver's license until she was in her 70's.

Grams had a lead foot and it didn't take 
her long to get where she was going!

Grandma grew up in the time of the Great Depression. She was very frugal. She was one of the FIRST recyclers! Grams recycled everything . . . she believed that there would be a time that someone may NEED a certain thing  . . . so she didn't waste anything.

Grandma also grew up in a time when moth balls were used . . . a lot.

Grandma LOVED babies.

Grandma worked search a words and crossword puzzles.

Grandma wore house dresses and aprons.

I still miss her so very much.

I think of Grandma up in Heaven . . .
I am quite certain she is a busy little thing.

I LOVE You Grandma and Miss You Very Much!

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Jeanette said...

I have been thinking of Grandma a lot this week. Wondering how she every kept up with all her kids and when she found time to sleep! I miss her too....

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