Sunday, March 6, 2011


Our weekends are always very busy.
It is always a relief when our household chores are finished and we can chillax for a bit.

It always feels so good to have things where they belong and be able to relax knowing there isn't anything left to take care of.

The sun is shining brightly ~~~ a welcomed sight!

We are currently on the search through the house looking for Cody's glasses . . . they disappeared a few days ago. 
With three boys in glasses, it is bound to happen.
We usually find lost glasses easily, but not this time, at least so far.

Tomorrow will be THREE weeks since Randy's knee replacement surgery. He is doing amazing. According to the physical therapy team, Randy is doing therapy for a person that is eight weeks post op.
He has been walking without crutches or a cane for about a week now. I am really impressed with his progress.
He is feeling really good, but still has his good days and not so good days. If he overworks his leg, it swells and aches . . . but that is to be expected with any time with knee surgery.

The weeks left of school is down to the last nine weeks of school. I am really not sure that I am looking forward to summer coming  ~ already. I would just be happy to see springtime!

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Cindy said...

When my boys were younger, I usually found any missing item in the laundry, Hopefully BEFORE I washed it, including glasses!!!

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