Saturday, March 5, 2011


The house is filled with the sounds of my boys playing a board game.
Hmmm maybe I should describe it a little more in detail . . .

(Insert Yelling from Three of my Boys here)

The game of choice . . .

OPERATION . . . Toy Story version

Cody keeps repeating . . . "It DOESN'T matter if it RINGS!"
(I think he has missed the point of the game.)

"Woo Hoo . . . Good Job"
"Cameron you got the thing~"
"It doesn't matter if it rings!"
"My turn!"
"I got it out and only had TWO rings!"

I am thankful they are playing together . . . regardless of the rules.

Our day went pretty well. This morning I had our little pit crew working on chores. I was supervising . . . trying to keep little hands busy and doing chores correctly can be a challenge.
Laundry was sorted (two of my boys are VERY good sorters) although I still do not have them sort without me helping.
Laundry was thrown in . . . the kids LOVE to help throw the wet clothes in the dryers  . . .  we have full size stacking washers and dryers, so the laundry comes out of the washers that are located on the bottom and are put into the dryers on top. We have invented a game out of the laundry . . .


the boys love to throw the laundry up into the dryers and see who can get the most in. The game makes the job enjoyable while getting it accomplished. We don't play it for every load of laundry, but often enough to keep them interested in helping.

Main floor bathrooms were cleaned and the main floor tidied.
Floors were vacuumed and mopped.
The sectional was moved and many treasures were found. Once vacuumed and mopped, the sectional was put back into position and reconnected together. 

Cameron helped me make dinner tonight.
He was excited to help in any way he could.
He asked what we were making . . .
Shepherd's Pie
He looked at me a little funny and asked what we were having for DINNER since we were having pie for dessert. I thought it was funny. 
I explained that Shepherd's Pie WAS the dinner.
I pulled a few packages of meat out of the freezer . . .
stew meat (I only had one package left)
and round steak . . . a year and a half ago we purchase a side of beef and are down to about ten packages of miscellaneous meat.
At least it isn't mystery meat!!! lol

I pulled out my Pressure cooker pot ~~~
I LOVE my Pressure Cooker!
I got the meat on and then we began working on the veges.
Steam bags are wonderful!!!
I used two bags of frozen mixed veges plus a half of a bag of sweet corn. Mushrooms and onions were mixed in along with ready made gravy . . . yes, I cheated a little with that one.
I sprayed my 9x13" casserole baker with Pam as Cameron mixed up the veges and gravy. I gave him a quick lesson in how to stir. He seemed content until he flipped some veges out of the bowl and onto the counter. I just smiled as he said, "uh oh . . . a little got out of the bowl!" We rescued the veges that had escaped and finished up the stirring. Mashed potatoes were made and I added chives to make the potatoes pretty. Before we knew it, twenty minutes had past and the meat was cooked. I let the pressure off of the pressure cooker and then opened the pot . . . I could not even use a fork to get the meat out of the pot . . . it fell apart that easily.
I removed the meat and then made sure it was "cut" into smaller pieces and then helped Cameron mix the meat into the veges.
Once it was all mixed, I poured the vege/meat/gravy mixture into the 9x13 pan . . . PLUS another  9x9 pan.
Once soothed out . . . I spread the mashed potatoes over the top.
To top it all off . . . Shredded Four Cheeses.

Into the oven . . .
(375 was the temperature I used)
a half hour later . . . dinner was served.

Chef Cameron and I were very happy that everyone enjoyed dinner. Although Cody didn't understand WHERE the PIE was!

Tonight, the remake of King Kong is on television.
Ryan told me that he wouldn't be afraid of King Kong!
I told him that he would scream like a little girl!

Bath time  . . .

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Sarah said...

I am so going to borrow the laundry basketball. My boys will love it! Delighted to meet you today. Hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you a bit more.


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