Sunday, March 13, 2011

REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT . . . Pioneer Woman's Lasagna ~ Tweaked

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

That has been the word of the weekend since our boys seem to have hearing problems . . . "huh, what, who me?" say once and then 
Repeat, Repeat, Repeat . . .
I am quite certain many of you have the same repeating going on in your homes as well. 

We have also had a few "cute" moments . . . On Thursday, on the way to school, our boys were chatting about the morning so far. Cameron told Cody that it was "very nice" of him to help unload the dishwashers.  Cody replied, 
"Well . . . that is what brudders are 'pose to do . . . help brudders!"
If anyone saw my face at that moment . . . they would have noticed a smile as big as east to west! Beautiful and loving!

Tonight at bath time, Cody decided to sing . . . Jingle Bells Batman smells Wobin waid an egg . . . the batmobile wost a wheel and joker got away . . . hey (repeat) (repeat) (repeat)

Laundry, Laundry, Laundry

Tidy, Tidy, Tidy

ABC song, letter sounds, blend songs and plenty of . . .
Love starts with L ~~~ la la la LOVE
(from my soon to be 5 year old)

Then there is the thud, thud, thud . . . of our eight year old jumping, bouncing or running through the house.

Then there were the times when either Randy and/or I couldn't remember which kiddo we were either calling or trying to get his/her attention SO, we ran through the list . . .
Katelyn, Ryan, Cameron, EJ, Cody . . . 
HEY YOU . . . with the FACE!

For the past several days I have had a clogged ear . . . I am talking can barely hear out of it kind of clogged. My ear was very sore inside and was very swollen . . . even showing a bit on the outside of my face. Randy suggested I put a bit of alcohol in my ear . . . to which I gave him a look of terror! I agreed to a few drops of swimmer's ear drops.  Woo We . . . can anyone say ouch?!?
My ear throbbed for a while and then if I turned my head a certain way, my ear finally seemed to be clearing.
Today my ear felt a bit better, although still slightly clogged.
I also noticed a bit of the fluid feeling in my inner ear.
Tonight before bed . . . more swimmer's ear drops.

Tonight we are watching Food Network's Chopped . . .
Tonight it is All Star.
They are cooking Hagis . . .
It looks like canned dog food.
Hagis is Scottish . . .
for the rest of the description . . .
type Hagis in your search engine . . .
make sure you aren't eating at the time.

Now for something YUMMO . . .
Friday, Katelyn and I put together a dinner to die for.
Katelyn made yummy homemade from start to finish Apple pie.
Me . . . I made Pioneer Woman's Lasagna.
However, I tweaked it a bit.
I know, I know . . . YOU TWEAKED PW's recipe???
How COULD you?
I DID tweak it . . . 
and in the words of my hubs . . .

"You have gotta make this again AND don't change a thing! It is the BEST lasagna I have EVER had! 
Even better than the Italian restaurant!

So, what DID I do to "tweak" it?

Pretty simple really . . .

PW uses mozzarella . . . 

My tweak - Fresh Mozzarella; Mozzarella, Provolone, Romano, Asiago shredded cheeses

PW uses Kraft Parmesan . . .

My tweak - Fresh Parmesan

PW uses ground beef and Italian sausage . . .

My tweak - I added chorizo sausage.

Needless to say . . .

The meal was a HUGE success.

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