Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This morning, Day three of Spring Break for my kids . . .
and I am taking a short Mom kind of break.

I am PRAISING God this morning for a little TIME OUT for Mom!
Yes . . . there is such a thing!
(Insert happy dance here)

Uncle Sam arrived at 8:30 a.m. to pick up Ryan for a day with Aunt Ding Ding and himself. Ryan was really looking forward to it AND I think Aunt Darlene and Uncle Sam were too!

Now, Let me insert a Big Ole' Welcome Home Ding Ding and Uncle Sam here! And a SHOUT OUT . . . Welcome to Cyber world Aunt Ding Ding!!! You see, Aunt Ding Ding came back to Central Illinois and a new laptop! She had been using a Celery machine to communicate with everyone for the past several years, however Celery seemed to have some communication issues they couldn't fix . . . so exit Celery and ENTER Laptop! 

Aunt Ding Ding took a few "juju lessons" and now is sportin' her new laptop at her house. Katelyn and I are here if she needs any "tech support" or quick intervention . . . however, I doubt she will require either . . . she learns very quick! I am so proud of Ding Ding and so is Uncle Sam! Check her out . . . she looks like a pro!

I LOVE YOU Aunt Ding Ding (Darlene)

and You Too Uncle Sam!
Uncle Sam was watching Aunt Darlene and her "techy skills".

Mom came at 10:30 a.m. and took two more of my boys . . . 
Cameron and EJ have a DATE with Grandma today!
Grandma was taking them out and about and then to lunch!
(Insert another Happy Dance Here)

The Dogs are at BEAUTY for the day . . . no barking, begging or furry ones needing to go outside!
(Woo Hoo!)

That leaves me with Katelyn (and you all know she is SO hard to deal with, lol) and Cody, who is keeping himself busy.

Randy is at work . . . I think he get his Dad Time Out there!
At least he gets ADULT to ADULT communication time.
Some days, it seems as if we Moms only have little stubborn people and Mom communication time. When we get out and about around the "living" we actually get giddy with excitement. Don't we?

Well, I need to take full advantage of my Mom Time Out . . . ENJOY!

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