Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mish Mash

Today was a mish mash kind of day. A little of this and a little of that. The day began a bit early for a Sunday around our house. I wanted to hit the grocery store early, so I was up and going by 8:00 a.m. 

Aunt Ding Ding and Uncle Sam stopped by . . . they just returned home from six months in Florida. It was great to see them and there was plenty of hugs, chit chat and catching up.

I battled with our wireless printer to print our grocery list. I FINALLY won the battle, the list printed and off we went to the dreaded Walmart. Sheesh . . . I loathe that place!

Katelyn, Ryan and I hurried through . . . which still took us OVER an hours time. Ol' Mother's Cupboard was BARE! We had a huge list  . . . two carts and over $800.00 later we were on our way to the car with our overpriced necessities. We backed into the garage and I opened the hatch on my SRX. Everyone had come out to help bring in the yummy goodness that had arrived.  Our refrigerator was pretty barren . . . we were down to a few pieces of cheese, no lunch meat, no bananas, no oranges, no pudding, no bread, no . . . . you get the picture. On the other hand, we are set in our deep freezers . . . they are full. We simply needed those necessity things. 

All of the help unloading bags and putting things away really was great. I felt that our family really worked together like a pit crew!
Lunch brought all kinds of ooossss and ahhhhs . . .
It was really quite humorous!
All I had made . . . sandwiches with chips.
You would have thought they had never had such a meal!
I giggled and then my husband commented . . .
It is so wonderful to have a FRESH bread, 
salami and pepper cheese sandwich! 

After lunch, we decided to watch the two videos we picked up at Walmart. The kids loved them . . . Randy and I took naps! lol

After nap time, I started on dinner.
Pioneer Woman's Sloppy Joes!
Only one word . . .


Even Cody . . . our just turned five year old, devoured his Sloppy Joe.

This recipe . . . definitely a remake!

If you want to try the recipe . . . click here: 
Pioneer Woman Sloppy Joes

Katelyn was baking cookies right before dinner . . .
the cookie sheet almost got away from her and she grabbed it with her bare hand . . . she burned her thumb pretty good.
She is soaking it in cool water to remove the burn.
I feel bad for her. Hopefully, it won't blister!

I finished up her cookies . . . frosted them.

Then it was time to clean up. My little pit crew all pitched in to clean up from dinner prep, dinner and the baking that Katelyn was doing.
Many hands make light work!

Our weekend was quite wonderful.
How was yours?

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