Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Glimpse of Our Day

The day is coming to a close once again.
Where does the time go?
Our day was busy . . .
Dust bunnies seem to be breeding in our house.
No matter how many times we dust, dust mop and vacuum . . .
the bunnies return. 
Oh well, I guess the bunnies like our home . . .
after all, it is full of life and always interesting. lol

The boys played outside for a long time today.
They ran and played . . .
wrestled and rolled around.
They had a great time.

Randy opened the pool today and got the pool heater going.
The temperature of the pool water was only 44 degrees.
Burr . . . anyone up to taking a polar plunge?
Randy thinks he will be taking a swim tomorrow . . .
I wonder what the pool temperature will be!

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