Monday, March 21, 2011


I am enjoying myself . . .
We (Katelyn, Randy & I) are sitting out on our main floor deck . . .
watching the boys play.
Running, screaming and having a blast.
Our poor neighbors!
At least they know the boys are healthy!!!

A few of the neighbors are out and about . . .
it is nice to see other human beings outside.
The geese are also hanging out on the lake. 
Last evening they were having a honking party.

In two days, our baby boy turns FIVE.
It is so hard to believe he is already THAT old!
I can still remember the day we brought him home.
All dressed up in his Ralph Lauren Sweater set.
He was so little . . .
and he is such the "little man" now!
Today, he and I headed to the store in search of a vase replacement.
My vase was beautiful . . . until my eight year old knocked it over
and shattered it. I tried to find the exact one to replace it . . .
No Luck finding it. Instead I found a "piece" to replace it without  being able to be broken by one of our boys . . . so that made me smile.
My little buddy was so good and tried to be very helpful.
My little guy loves to shop. He found stretchy frogs, little robot bugs and TY Beanie (bug eyed) tiger and penguin. He spent the Birthday money he received . . . it was burning a hole in his pocket.


Tonight I decided to surprise the boys.
We headed out back to the firepit down by the lake.
I built a lot of smoke and then came the fire.
The boys roasted hot dogs . . .
there was only one hot dog that landed on the patio.
Mia enjoyed that one.

Ryan and EJ were first to roast their hot dogs.

Then Ryan said prayer over those hot dogs that they 
cooked to death in the fire.

EJ gave a wienie salute with his hot dog during prayer.

Cody followed EJ's lead.

They look like they have done this all their lives!

Yummy goodness on a bun!

Round two of roasting.

Cody bought these little guys with his birthday money.

I am seeing a bit of green popping up!

Mia is enjoying the outside too!

Cody is trying to share his new "buddies" with Mia.


Picture taken from my little sitting spot down by the lake looking toward the house.

Looking through one of the gardens toward the gazebo.

Mia just hanging out with Momma.

Why Mia chose to lay in the flower bed rock . . . who knows!

Mia looks like she is pouting.

Cameron has a bit of a ketchup face.

It is now bath time at our house. I could really use a soak in the tub to get rid of the smokie smell that has permeated my hair and clothing from the fire. I don't mind while I am outside, but inside . . .
hmmmmmmm I don't think so!

Have a Blessed evening!

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Sarah, Three Boys said...

Um... first of all. thank you for your super sweet comments. Second of all, I am moving in with you. You live in little boy heaven. giant jungle gym, yep, lake, yep, fire-pit, yep. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Those boys are adorable!

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